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  1. jaymb6

    civic mb

    Anything round leicester, leicestershire area
  2. jaymb6

    does anybody know this car

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/civic-mb6-vtis-turbo-311bhp-full-mot-3-500-today-not-ek-eg-k20-ep3-turbo/223903106056?hash=item3421aa4408:g:rjQAAOSwSwleMBm6 its miles away from me and dont want to make the travel if its a shead
  3. jaymb6

    wanted vti hatch or deck

    Wanted as above civic vti, prefer a hatch but a deck will do, cash waiting please msg me or reply to this ad
  4. but I have just won a hatch with 114k on her for 1300 quid on ebay nothing ever seems to be for sale in the east midlands!!
  5. jaymb6

    MB6 / MC2

    you selling your deck buddy?
  6. jaymb6

    1999 V Reg MB6 VTi for sale

    The thing is that one at £4995 has been for sale an age, It started off at nearly 10k I do think there will be a following, But at the min, the engine seem to be worth more than the cars I hope it does go to someone that can do the work, Chris is a really really genunie guy, You can tell just by speaking to him, Also you can tell that this car has been loved
  7. jaymb6

    civic vti-vts ek9

    Wanted upto £2500 civic type r, vti or vti-s in or around leicestershire, Pm Me what you have
  8. jaymb6

    Aerodeck vti breaking

    Do you still have the liP?
  9. jaymb6

    Mb6 vtis side skirts and back bumper

    where abouts are you mate
  10. jaymb6

    my new mb2 hatch

    mate ive got a mont cloth interior if your interested, In a dark colour?