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    Hi, I'm Dave, the founder and owner of Civic5.com. I have been into cars my whole life, spending time restoring classic 70's fords then moving into the Honda scene. Have now been a fan of Honda's for years.

    So, bit more about me. I'm an old git, and was with Dawn (aka Civic5 Moderator crazzzydawn in the forum) for 21 years, married to her for 17 of those years. She helped me set up and run the club and site from the start, and it was Dawn that got me into Honda's! Sadly, she passed away after a very brave fight with cancer (Jan 2013) and is very much missed by myself and a lot of the members here. Her spirit in the club lives on in her car, her beloved Civic Aerodeck ES known as "DD" in the forum (Dawns Deck). It's a car that's been tastefully modded, and one I will keep for ever.

    Recently, I met my new partner Gayle (aka Gayle in the forum) and she has been amazing! She's totally turned my life around, and makes me happy. Luckily, she's a petrol head too! She's also become a big part of Civic5, and loves the Honda scene now too! We got married in June 2017.
    Anyways, enough about me! Thanks for taking the time to read my profile, and welcome to Civic5

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    41-45...Midlife crisis!
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    Edinburgh, Scotland

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  1. Glad you got it sorted mate, and glad it was something east to fix too.
  2. For the blower, test it with a multi-meter to see if it's blown. Or if you can find the live and negative feeds for itat the fan itself, try connecting it straight to battery as it could be the actual switch on the dash (although not a fault we've seen coming up in the past) . This test will determine if either the blower motor itself is ok and if the switch is ok or faulty. The rising temp most likely is an airlock. Both the D series and B series engines (the B series in particular) are a pain to bleed. It could be that when you replaced the coolant last time, there may still have been an airlock that you didn't get out which is showing itself now. I'd deffo make sure you've got all air out before troubleshooting further. This will be the easiest and cheapest fix if that's what it turns out to be. The thermostat is always an obvious source of this kind of fault, so it's good that you've changed it. Thing is, I've had instances in the past where I've changed the thermostat only to find that the new one is also faulty. I had 3 on the bounce that were new but faulty, so ended up going to Honda. Did you bleed the system after fitting the new thermostat? As said above, it would be a good idea to test the fan too is it may just be the fan is gubbed. I had to replace the one on Ruby years ago so strong possibility that it may be the fan.
  3. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    Defo mate, be good to see you! Lots of nice roads round here too for a wee drive.
  4. Right, as we've spent the past few weeks moving house and settling in, I've not had time to get May's comp up and running! So, here it is....Civic5 COTM May 2020. Going to run this for only a few days then go to voting so we can catch up again. Get them entires in now!!
  5. I would strongly advise against buying it online if you want it to match (or be as close to a match as possible). Visit your nearest good automotive paint supplier and they should have the two colour cards there so you can put them against your paint to see what one matches best. Bear in mind that these cars are old now, and have saw a lot of sun/UV effects on the paintwork so your paint will be lighter than normal due to fading. My paint supplier is no longer there, closed up shop years ago which is a shame as they were amazing.
  6. Hi Ricky There are indeed two shades of Orleans blue mica, but both have the same paint code. I found this out when respraying the bonnet and bumper on my MA8. My paint supplier had two paint match cards, one slightly lighter than other (for the MA8 it was the lighter one). Both were B77P. There is another metallic blue these civics came in which looks similar to orleans blue but is a darker more blue (if that makes sense?) colour. I think Chandlers deck might be that shade. Its on a lot of later civic M's around the 2000 MY
  7. Dave

    My new german

    Skillz Yo!
  8. Dave

    Vti-s Turbo project

    Damn, least its nothing broken mate. And suppose with lockdown still restricting us it'll be easier to take things easy for a bit
  9. Dave

    Vti-s Turbo project

    You sure you havent broke any bones? Sounds painful mate
  10. lol yes, this uber expensive invisible diamond encrusted white gold steering wheel . Very rare and pricey! Lol you do however now stand a chance of winning a prize in our annual Car of the Year competition. All 12 cotm winners go head to head in the COTY comp. There will be a nice prize for the lucky winner, along with a Civic5 COTY certificate.
  11. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    Found the old guntree photos of Mindy from the ad!
  12. Spot on advice from Jake. We have had a few turbo'd D series in the club, even a D1.6 auto that was turbo'd. Tyr the search function to search the forum for them as they might have interesting info in there that you can use. For professionals, Rich (civicturbo79 on here) runs Dynodaze in Hinckley. He built one of the first turbos we had in the club, was a stunning mb6 he turned into a B20 turbo. Amazing bit of kit. He will have loads of info for you, and nice guy to speak to (was a moderator on here at one point too). Nice to see another D series Civic M being turbo'd.
  13. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    That old rickity shed is going, and next to where it sits just now is where the new double garage is getting built.
  14. Dave

    Daves Mazda MX5 Mk1 (aka Mindy)

    There we go, gives you an idea. House looks small in the photo but is huge inside......one maaassive living room and a corridor so long we keep losing each other in the house! Been using the civic5 walkie talkies for when I'm away over in the garage working! lol Garden looks a lot different to those photos now as we've been busy pulling out weeds and I've started power washing the tar parking bit to get all the old moss off it (its covered in it, or at least it was!)