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DD all taxed agin for the next 6 months. Weather still a hit or miss here though (actually had snowflakes falling today!) so she's staying in the garage for now, although she'll be out next week for a trip up to RJM performance to get her yearly check done on the exhaust to keep the warranty up. Might get her serviced at the same time. Working on her new rocker cover at the moment, so hopefully have that done soon!

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Well, trip to rjm was good, she drove spot on as always. Exhaust check was perfect, and got her a full service inc all filters, spark plugs etc. They also gave her a full check from front to back and discovered the following.....

Poss leak from the power steering rack.

Rear LCA bush slightly perished

Brake fluid needing changed soon.

So, the power steering leak. Chris said it looked small signs of power steering fluid around the rack, but no trace of any leaks. There hasn't been any signs of fluids on the garage floor at home, and the fluid was still up to the mark, so hadn't lost any! I eventually realised it must be from when I cleaned the engine bay for japfest last year.....I used gunk, but found I couldn't get down behind the rack to clean, so its obviously the residue from me rinsing the gunk off. Thank feck!

The LCA I knew about, as it happened when we were trying to get the bolt out to fit the Meister's. We had to heat the bolt, which melted the rubber slightly. They said it won't fail the not, just an advisory, but I'm getting it changed anyways as can't have her having any faults whatsoever!

The brake fluid will be getting flushed and renewed at her not this month, so that means all poss faults sorted.

So health check wise, she's in excellent health!

I've now started the refurb on her original rocker cover (the purple one was just a temp replacement for japfest that I bought, but tbh, the paint finish isn't up to my standard! So have stripped her original cover back to bare metal, and have metal polished the "honda" lettering so it now looks like chrome. Plan is to respary it (masking the polished bit) in Orleans blue, and add a metalflake to the Lacquer. Also planning to do some airbrushing on it too. Or other plan is to send it away to be chrome plated. Or third option is to have it powder coated, as my guy that does that has a new chrome finish powder coat.

Also awaiting a quote for a full bare metal respray! Quote for just the bonnet, front lip and blending into front wings was £600! Think that's a tad high, although have seen 2 cars (Jensen interceptor and escort cosworth) that the guy has done and they were flawless. He's been a spray painter for over 30 years and comes highly recommended so might just bite the bullet. Or if I ever get this bloody unit, I'll respray her myself. Her original paintwork is actually really good apart from the stone chips on the bonnet, but I want her perfect in every single way! I'm just fussy about her, like dawn was! Lol

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