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  1. Show us your (push) Bikes and general biking chat!

    Hoping you guys can help me decide on a new bike! Currently riding this, to which I have fitted Tioga bar ends and replaced the 38 tyre with some slick 28's I'm now wanting something with drops as I am now riding further, I plan to sell the above bike so it will be my only ride. I have a budget of £600 and will be getting a bike through the cycle scheme. I have got it down to 2 bikes.... This https://www.evanscycles.com/jamis-renegade-exile-2017-adventure-road-bike-EV275251 and this https://www.decathlon.co.uk/triban-520-road-bike-sora-id_8377757.html which bike is best, and what would you go for? I took one of these https://www.evanscycles.com/trek-1-1-c-h2-2017-road-bike-EV286635 for a test ride but wasn't that impressed, I test rode one of these https://www.evanscycles.com/pinnacle-arkose-1-2017-adventure-road-bike-EV275622 which is well out of my budget but really liked, the difference between the Trek and Pinnacle was night and day! The Btwin can take tyres upto 32 and has a better group set and carbon forks where as the Jamis is more like the Pinnacle, so I guess the question is will the Btwin be as good with thicker tyres? and would the Jamis be as quick with thinner tyres? the Btwin is also £120 cheaper than the Jamis. I ride 90% road. any help and advice would be appreciated!
  2. Show us your (push) Bikes and general biking chat!

    fantastic replacement for the mb6!
  3. Couple off bits done to the mb

    Its amazing how much difference lowering a car can make! Looking good!
  4. My VTi-S Aerdeck restoration

    looks so much better without the 3 spokes!
  5. Beauty of a mk4 golf

    WTF! that cant be real!? seriously??!
  6. Neverending MB6 project

    crazy amount of work gone in to this!
  7. civi IG

    looking good! Spec?
  8. My Civic MB6 From Portugal

    205 bhp from breathing mods is amazing!
  9. Wheels again

    stick with grey!