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  1. do you still have the roof rails? also what is the diameter of the exhaust tip? and last question, when was cambelt done? cheers
  2. Heater fan not working

    I would start with replacing the resistor 1st as its only a couple of quid for a new one!
  3. 1997 Honda Civic 1.6 Auto £499 ono

    what sort of MPG do you get? how much is tax? Thanks
  4. Distributor/Cap/Plug weires problem ?

    check injector plugs too, make sure there is a clean connection.
  5. Sicilian Red VTiS rear lip and side skirts

    sanding is the easy part! use a fine wet and dry and keep it wet! then prime it, then sand it down again! couple of hours later it'll be ready for spraying!
  6. Sunroof not opening - Solved!

    you're welcome!
  7. Sunroof not opening - Solved!

    with the sunroof opended on tilt, you should be able to see the runners. I just ran my fingers along them and found a bit of loose plastic and removed it.
  8. Sunroof not opening - Solved!

    probably something in stuck in the runners, i had this on my old deck and turned to be a little bit of plastic stuck in the runner!
  9. Hands down the best looking MB2 on the forum!
  10. MG ZS Spoiler in black please!

    you should join up with MGZS.co.uk, there are always loads of people on there breaking them and selling parts seriously cheap! I got my MGZS 180 suspension set up including rear arb off a mk2 that had only covered 45k for £60 from there!
  11. Rear Caliper Carrier Brake Shims

    if you buy the pads direct fom honda, they come with the shims
  12. hello mate, do you still have rear calipers? thanks
  13. Lowering my MB4

    They have came down in price since i got mine! i got mine last year, full front and rear shocks and rear arb from a mkII MGZS 180 only covered 45k for £60! just got to know where to look!
  14. Lowering my MB4

    you can pick up set of MGZS shocks and springs for about £40!
  15. I will get pics off the calipers later today for you any joy with pics of calipers?