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    MB6 Bracing

    Does anyone know what kind of underbracing and wing bracing fits the MB6? Looking at the UltraRacing braces for the Teg, does anyone know if any of these fit? http://www.ultraracinguk.co.uk/ultra-racing-rear-strut-brace-re41654_p26385201.htm
  2. JK1245

    Dc2 rack

    2.5l ZS rack goes straight on and is a shorter rack
  3. The FN the MB has replaced again
  4. Missed this little beast so much, I've been depressed without it so I've bought it back Planning on sorting out the exhaust/brakes/tyres/map and then seeing what I can embarass on a track
  5. Have you tried tightening up the camber arm bolts? I fit a torque damper to mine and one of the camber arm bolts was loose a bit and I had a knock and a rub mark under the camber arm. Tightened it up and everything was fine. Looks great as well
  6. Ahh f**king headache mate! Saw this just the other day and it looks stunning Looks like the side of Lidl that, had too many people look one way and edge out there
  7. Yeah same here bud, my clutch is an RPC stage 2 and it's perfect apart from pulling off when you get a bit of chatter from it. Around £210 for the stage 2 and £170 for the stage 1. Good bit of kit and no problems so far
  8. Shouldn't really need a high performance clutch on the D14 unless it's boosted dude. I'd also recommend OEM/Excedy but no harm in going for a stronger clutch but it can be a bitch driving with one.
  9. A little bit of Honda wincest
  10. Accord looks awesome dude! First set of 3 piece rims look perfect imo. What parts do you have left from this?
  11. Yes indeed I managed to squeeze 54l into the tank the other week. Got 380 miles out of it with a good 20-30 min play with a Jordan and ST. The gauges on these cars are pretty awful though, depending on if I'm driving up hill or down hill I'll have more/less petrol.
  12. Gas struts look cool as man, did you have to readjust the bonnet when you fitted it?
  13. Thanks fellas Car did well on track, few things that need addressing but I think a new set of tyres would sort out most of the traction issues out of bends and the manifold I have would sort out the power. Brakes were goddamn monsters though, can't wait to see what the atr front setup will be like
  14. Gutted I couldn't make it to the meet as well but I had personal problem come up
  15. Looks awesome dude, really good job on the bay
  16. Can't wait to see this on the weekend looks stunning.
  17. Is stunning dude! Did the Function7 subframe bar go on with no issue at all, it wasn't modified prior to you buying it or anything?
  18. Could also look into getting the ATR front discs and callipers as they're twin pot and a good upgrade over ours.
  19. Swapping the rotor wheel should work matey, I've seen a few in the states do it
  20. The flywheel made a world of difference, if anyone has a clutch change coming up make sure to look into changing the flywheel!
  21. Bit of a naughty bonus video vs a 98 UK spec teg (Didn't break any speed limits on the road and it was done on a completely empty stretch bar our convoy, can take down if its breaking rules) You can also see the JDM tail light mod I did to it.
  22. Few from JDM North the other day, also cleaned up the DC2 strut ends and sprayed the ITR box black. Need to find a place where I can mount the ABS box out of sight and tuck the washer jet hoses.
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