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Found 100 results

  1. Jesse

    Honda Civic 1.4i ma/mb 2001

    Hello, I got a WHITE 2001 Honda Civic 1.4i ma/mb and I'm desperately looking for some body pieces : Hood and bumper in WHITE colors. Or maybe a full black kit, but it seems there is nowhere to be found... Did you guys have any suggestions, or maybe an old Civic with body pieces for me? Thanks a lot
  2. Creatures of the night, I bring you this years contenders for the Civic5 Car of the year! We have in the running: @phill1975 @hondasport @UnicyclingTom @Jayhoath83 @10000rpm @Chandler @dmrichards @dogg1210 @Dave @Robmunns @Craig aerodeck @powerofdreams Thought I'd add photos of the COTM winners to help you decide, missing one as the photo has disappeared you get the idea! Good luck!
  3. Ladies, gentlemen and other creatures of the interballs. Show me some worthy M's for our final COTM!
  4. Blackwolf

    Boot latch problems

    Hi guys ive got boot latch issue with my MA8 if anyone can help? When i go to close the boot it dosent stay closed its like the 2 parts of the latch are to far away from each other. The boot rubber seal is in the right place and pushed down as much as it can the rubber adjusters on either side of the boot and as small as they can be but yet it stil doesnt latch. The only time it will latch on is when I slam it very hard which i dont want to keep doing. Also the boot release by the drivers footwell doesnt release it either only the key releases it once it has been slammed shut. Thanks for any help Ben
  5. Shawn2ace

    D14 MA8 OBDII loom

    I've been told that my MA8 edu is OBD2 but I haven't been able to find the OBD2 connector. Has anyone found it or do we just not have one?
  6. Blackwolf

    Slight head scratching moment

    Hi does anyone have an idea why this has happened went to my workshop this morning to work on my Honda and found my front struts like this anyone have any idea on how or why this happened and how to fix it? thanks ben
  7. Blackwolf

    Roll cage

    HI guys Ive herd a few people on here have got cages made for their cars and wondered where about they got them from or made and how much did they cost and if anyone has any pictures? Thanks Ben
  8. Boosted

    unlabeled light

    Hello, First of all i'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, if it isn't please move it for me, thanks Does anyone know what this light is? never seen it turn on yet it's just there unlabeled doing nothing. The owners manual doesn't seem to mention it, according to the owners manual there should be a switch for the dashboard light in it's place
  9. SpYk3

    Ma8 Wings

    Anyone breaking a Honda Civic like this one ?(prefacelift) I need the front wings,any colour. thanks
  10. Blackwolf

    Ma8 boss kit

    Hi guys does anyone know if an ek boss kit would fit a ma8? cheers Ben
  11. Poor turnout as always @Chandler @dogg1210 @ickis86
  12. Okey dokie peeps... First one of the year. Roll up roll up and get your nominations in
  13. Right, fingers on buzzers... Nominations are GO! Voting will start on Tuesday night so get them in quick.
  14. mokus

    Driveshaft for D series

    Hi! I would like to order 3 sets of D series driveshafts from J&R, to help friends with order. One for D16y3 MA, other for 1.4s... all of them MA or MB. My question is, all of them the same? Same driveshafts fits for all M with D engine?
  15. Wolfmother


    We all know how good these are and I'm reluctantly selling these as I'm moving out in March and need the money to buy some white goods and other boring sensible things...... All collars spin freely, just need a good clean before adjusting to get any dirt out the threads. Removed them back in November. Always kept them coated with ACF-50 to protect them. £375 cash on collection from CT20 area, will post via courier for an extra £20. Price includes full fitting kit, all nuts and bolts required to install, Meister c-spanners, Meister sticker pack and fitting guide (shows EK and EG civic but explains how to use the washers) PM me with any questions, thanks.
  16. RG9

    Axial rod to MA8......

    Well folks, I have a MA8 and I'm having trouble getting an axial The measurements I need are M14x1.5 on both sides and the only ones that the parts houses can get me is M12x1.5 Has anyone had this problem??? Just need a reference of the part that fit in my car Thanks for the Help guys Honda ...... The best machine of emotions that exists
  17. Hello, I know alot of people running Meisterr coilovers and they are specific for civic MB6. I saw a thread of someone saying the ride height range from the meisterR crd are not that good if we want to drop like 3cm because the shocks are already 4 or 5 cm shorter thank stock. My question is, what is the max riding height ? Any pictures ? Arent meisterr suppose to have a close max rid height like stock since they are specific ? thanks
  18. Here are our twelve COTM winners from 2016. Voting is now open for our Car of the Year 2016!! Good luck to you all folks! January - unicyclingtom February - Maë March - h4mza April 2016 - Hondasport May 2016 - Ammarbm June 2016 - VTi Vroom July - Dinochips August - DeLaSoul September - Phill1975 October - Chandler November - Gib36 December - Dr_Broon
  19. Here we go folks! Our latest competition, and this one's an easy one!! What we need is the best possible photo of your Honda Civic MA, MB or MC. Something arty, or just a really nice shot of your car that you love. Lets see them! Once we have enough entries, we will put it to the vote, and if yours wins, the photo of your civic will be turned into a Civic5 desktop screen saver. It will then be available in our downloads section! Only requirement is that they are in landscape mode, not portrait. Get busy with your cameras and lets see some nice civics!!