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    This photo.... Get a bit of tyre shine going on too... will really perfect the shots!
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    For the mean time, this is happening...
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    alloys refurbed just need putting on now, there was a few marks that I couldn’t remove but it will do for now.
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    So I went to Elan Valley and took some nice shots of the deck. What a beautiful place it is. Fell in love with it. Just one disappointment was the water level was low so no spillway action but may be next time. Hope you guys like the pics
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    Heres my daily, Bought last year as a stop gap for £500.00 ending up keeping it, She is a d16 and is now on a wooping 62k, Was standard when I bought it, and never saw polish or wax from the old guy who had her 17 odd years So far, Ive lowered her on coilovers, Tinted the front light yellow with film, tinted the rear lights with tail light tint spray, fitted a red rear honda badge and de badged the rear rear kode tow hook, kode bonnet rasiers on the front, OMP steering wheel, rear VIP curtains, Junction produce neck pillows, stick bombed the glove box, Cherry bomb back box fitted by custom chrome, led number plate light bulbs, sonic gear gatior and dildo ger knob, wind delfecters, purple sudade a pilars and arm rest lid, 2 jbl gt4 subs powered off a phoenix gold amp, fusion 6x9, Super mario parcel shelf Got mgzs mirrors to fit soon as well
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    Always nice to pass the test
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    I was nervous this time round because I had a right go at the MOT Garage a couple of Months back when they misbehaved .....thankfully they weren't spiteful. I even had a new car lined up ....I can now stop dreaming about cars that run on a whiff of petrol but cost a fortune to have sitting outside my Home most of the time.
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    Yippee ! my MB2 has just passed it's MOT.....cost me £270 but what the heck tis cheap dependable motoring for another 13 months. My insurance is due in a few days time so I now know I have a car worth insuring...... I'm now entering year five with a 19 year old car bought as a stop gap.....The Honda God must be looking down on me.
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    Done some research into the reflectors... found out that the reflective bowl that is fitted within the projector lamps themselves is all it needs... so good bye chrome shrouds!! Started the de chromeing process today!!
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    Had her running today. Few minor niggles, but generally sounds well and doesn't seem to smoke at this point. Couple of little leaks teeny leaks to sort.
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    Cheers @dr_broon they haven’t come up too bad... but as boss man @Dave stated... a lot more going on here... I have one lamp apart and reflector cut to size to fit the projector in... just to work out how fix it in place, and then to work out the electrics of them. photos to come... on @EmZvr‘s how too he mentions the importance of keeping the reflective shroud pristine... but I powered the projector unit up on its own in front of our beam setter at work, and pattern and intensity seemed perfect... to I actually HAVE to keep the reflective housing chromed up or could I get away with blacking it out??
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    Again struggling for time. But she's all back together. Shafts in gear linkage in. Exhaust is hooked up. By the weekend I should know if she runs.
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    This is a wee blog about my mk1 MX5.Been a bit down lately due to pressures/hassles at work and been a grumpy old git to say the least. Gayle reckoned what i needed was another project! I've wanted a MK1 MX5 since the day they were launched (was at the car show in Glasgow SECC when they unveiled it) and when the cover came off and I saw this sweet little red sports car I fell in love! Said there and then I have to have one of these one day, but I was a teenager back then with empty pockets! Roll on 29 years later and now I'm older (still with empty pockets, least i am after buying her!) and finally I've got one!! Always wanted a mk1! Here she is (affectionately now known as "Mindy") the day we bought her (just arrived home with her). Original plan was to buy one that needed a full restoration, but as i don't possess any welding skills that plan changed. After a lot of good advice from members in here, we upped our budget and went to view a few more cars. Most were bodged repairs and nothing like described, until we found this one in Stirling, Scotland. She's red (obviously), 1.6 UK car with 90K on the clock. 10 months MOT. There isn't a service history book, but all the old mots are there and receipts for various work done. The chap selling her didn't want to let her go, but was under instruction from his wife to buy a more family friendly classic car! She has had the rear sills done before, drivers side is a tidy enough job and solid (just the black paint that's not right), passenger side is still solid but repair is showing signs of rust. Engine wise, she's great! Engine sounds sweet, and pulls well in every gear. Suspension wise, she needs an overhall. Interior is basic but (now) clean and tidy. Hood is shot, but Gayle went straight onto ebay and found a brand new hood that the seller has had lying around for a couple of years for £120! result! She bought it, then we had another road trip to Aberdeen to go collect it. Hood is mint and getting fitted this weekend! I have noticed when at speeds of 70mph upwards, she has a horrible vibration which is coming from the front. It shakes through the car, and if at lower speeds (60mph) we go over any bumps in road, it shakes up through the steering wheel which deffo isn't right. Unfortunately during the test drive there were no roads we could get her up to anything over 30 - 40mph so this only came to light on the way home. But hopefully the work i'm planning should resolve these issues. So Plans are:  Fit the new hood Replace all 4 shocks and springs Replace upper/lower wishbones (they look ok, just grubby, but I want to replace all bushes so might aswell just change the whole lot.) Replace wheels/tyres with dished BBS rims Full service including timing belt/fan belt etc. New front and rear brakes (rears have just had brand new calipers fitted) Full custom interior retrim in either full leather or half leather/alcantara Full respray, looking to go for a nice metal flake red! Will also be taking it to BorderMX5 before the paint to have both rear sills repaired professionally/correctly. Think we should be able to get through the next mot with them but not chancing it any longer than that. Engine and engine bay fully detailed. Accessories, such as chrome/stainless steel boot rack, new stereo (just replaced the one that was there for a Pioneer that I had lying around in the garage). Will be a long term project, but want to fully replace as much as we can as we go along for brand new/renovated parts. End goal is to have one very mint mk1 MX5. After cleaning her interior up to my standards, Gayle said "oh look, the suns out!" Which roughly translated means "time for a run in Mindy with the top down!" lol Got some pics when we were out. Totally love this wee car! She's not perfect, but she's ours and makes me happy! First ever convertible I've ever owned, and loving it! Don't worry though, DD (my Aerodeck) isn't going anywhere! Just taking a break from her for a wee while as she needs MOT'd and a new front caliper. Plan is when I get the spraying gear all sorted out to respray the mx5 , I'll be doing DD's front end at the same time. So all's good!
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    Hi guys, I new the the civic game, any advice is welcome! Looking for parts so drop a comment and SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! Hope you like my mb3 put the shoes on her last night!
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    Thats excellent news mate! One reliable little Honda that!
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    Has to be THE best MB1 there is, simply stunning! I'll see this in the metal one day!
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    Wow... That's one grubby light.. Good work on the cleanup.
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    Good stuff Dave, just gan canny though eh? You don't want to do yourself a mischief.
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    looks mint, love the plastics and the roof, Looks mint in white
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    A little alcantara.... Need to finish the headliner! For me it's 100-times better and I love it!
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    Post up a pic of your lips when done,car looks amazing
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    Got it all repaired for 190 quid. It's not pretty but it passed MOT so at least the car is good for another year or so. Wee bit of work done on the otherside too. I thought it was the end of the road tbh.