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  1. oldjon


    Semi retired, but Part-Time Professional Vacumist (cleaner) !
  2. I had intended putting my MB4 in the show, but as I had to work yesterday and today mornings I did not think that I could get it as clean as would have liked, so I just went along after work this morning as it's only a couple of miles down the A34. The only other Honda in the first photo Third photo was the same as my first car at 17 ! Austin A35 Forth photo is an Age Class Winner - Renault Alpine and to finish, a Talbot Sunbeam Lotus
  3. The plastic part of the outside handle can brake off (like mine has), try a good glue, if no luck, replace
  4. Clean that, I had a K10 Micra in red for a couple of years, nothing wrong with them.
  5. I took this at OUlton Park a couple of years ago whem my son was racing
  6. oldjon

    A tempting V8

    Nice, I had a friend who had a 7 series 4.2, we used to go to bike races in it, very comfy
  7. Nice car my MB4 is an auto, I love it !
  8. That is a realy good job, what's it called and how much is it, will be interesting to see how it weathers
  9. What should I do next then boys and girls, that does not cost the earth !
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