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Found 118 results

  1. Rookie88

    Car bra for mb!

    As titled, not that I like them nor like the look of them but do they make them for mbs? As I have just had my car resprayed and have got a few long trips coming up this year and don't fancy a stone chipped bonnet agen lol
  2. mokus

    B18C4 Maintenance?

    Hi! So... Is there any bolts-on part of the engine, that needs maintenance, cleaning after stock 160k miles? On B18c4 engine. Like throttle body, parts on intake manifold etc, those that can get dirty and decrease a bit power, or makes worse fuel economy. I think it would be great, if we get these easy to do maintenances together.
  3. Rookie88

    Toyosports system

    Does anyone else run a toyosports 60mm cat back if yes what mani and cat/decat are you using???? thanks
  4. It pains me to do this My beloved VTi-S is now for sale. It will be available at the end of November, as I fly out to Australia on the 27th, and will require use of the car to get to/from work until the 25th. Use this to your advantage, come and view it if you can, so you see for yourself that I'm not making any of this up. First, a bit of background... The car has had 3 owners from new, myself being the third. Its first was an old boy, who kept it garaged and seems to have only used it at weekends based on the milage it accumulated between MOTs. Not only that, but it was absolutely mint when my dad – its second owner, a now-retired Honda technician – bought it in a heartbeat, after seeing it get traded-in at the dealership where he was working at the time. He kept it for just over 3 years, performing 6-monthly services and keeping it in tip-top condition. It deserved nothing less, and he knew that. They were getting quite rare even back then, let alone finding a mint example on your doorstep with only 18,000 on the clock. Unfortunately after being made redundant on numerous occasions and eventually deciding to take an early retirement, my dad could no longer afford to keep the car and was pretty upset about it. At the time, I was driving a chavved up Vauxhall Corsa B and was craving something with a bit more 'go' (and a bit less 'oh, something's broken again'), so offered to buy the car off of him. This kept him happy as he didn't have to see it go, and on reflection, was easily one of the best decisions I've ever made. Of course, the benefit of having a retired mechanic for a dad means that he has all the time in the world to look after your car. Rest assured that no expense was spared to keep it looking and performing its best. The car now has ~59,700 on the clock, 40,000 of which have been accumulated in the last 4 and a half years. It's a shame they've racked up, but this is still quite low for a 16 (well, nearly 17) year old car. My dad says it's only just coming into its prime... But then he would say that, being 65 years of age himself Enough rambling, anyway. I just wanted to let the readers know that this car has been looked after, not ruined, and that its next owner will be getting their hands on a prime example of a great car. It starts first time every time, has no smoke, bangs or rattles, and drives perfectly. In the last 6 months alone, it's had new anti-roll bar linkages, new front discs and pads, new rear pads, a new exhaust, new power steering fluid (as it had a slow leak, which has now been fixed), new headlight washers, and replacement (look new) headlight lenses. Just this weekend gone, I also treated it to a professional descratch/polish/wax. It looks the absolute dogs danglies. Oh, and did I mention it's completely standard? So that means no interchanged MG parts, no messing around with ECUs or VTEC limits, no dustbin exhausts. It is literally just as it was when it came from the factory. Okay, I lied, it does have Climair wind deflectors on the front two doors, and I upgraded the head unit to a Pioneer CD/MP3 player, with the original having since been lost... It's also got a cone air filter fitted, however the original airbox will be provided, and/or fitted at the new owner's discretion. But apart from those things, it's completely standard. It also comes with the original 2 keys and alarm fobs, the red key, the door/boot unlock key (the one that won't start the car), as well as the original owners wallet, receipt of purchase and service history book (with stamps proving all servicing was undertaken at a Honda dealership until my dad took ownership). It also includes the original spare wheel, jack and wrench, VTi-S mats, fanblade wheels, aluminium-effect gear knob (not the cold metal one), and stainless steel exhaust tip. Bad points... Yes, there are some I'm afraid, but what do you expect for a car of this age?! Minor scuffs along the offside bottom corner of the front lip Small area of paint chipped away to the right of the VTi-S boot badge, which appears to have been filled in with a correction pen Ding in the small strip of metal above the nearside rear door (can't be seen unless you're looking for it) A/C doesn't work (possibly just needs regassing, but can't be certain as I've never had it investigated) A few minor dings to the alloy wheels, offside front being the worst. Never bad enough to bother me, but they could probably do with a refurb Very tiny stone chip on the passengers side of the windscreen (not spreading, so could be easily replaced on new owners insurance) Minor stone chips on the bonnet All of this could be yours for £2,250. Sound good? Don't hesitate to get in touch. This car MUST BE SOLD by 26th November, and I can't imagine it taking long. More photos here
  5. Rookie88

    Powerflow twin exit

    Just seeing if there's any intrest in my mani back exhaust system, resonated de cat and centre section with box n back boxs, it's not to loud but sounds mental in tec i have the paper work when it was purchased at £500 if I can sell this then I'll have money for the system I want lol not 100% sure of worth! Sensible others welcome. NOW SOLD!
  6. wispa

    WTB MB6 max £3k

    Please no silver ones unless it is a VTi-S under 30k miles After selling my MB6 a year ago, I am sure missing it and would like to get another. If you are selling or debating selling your MB6, please post a link to your selling page or post some pictures with details here. 3k is the maximum I will pay, not what I will pay if it isn't worth that money.
  7. Rookie88

    Mb6 headlight washer metal clip :/

    As above abit of a odd want lol but iv got the washer but some kid in the body shop forgot to put it back and now there's nothing holding it in!
  8. Hey guys wonder if you can help.i have a 98 5dr Civic vti and have bought a subframe tiebar & control arms(not factory) having problems finding the right bolts and Arab links to fit my control arms.also I have abs lines running over the current subframe,how do I work around this and where can I find the right links and bolts to fit
  9. MBFinlay

    +25 ET on MB6?

    Will they stuck out from fenders/arches? They are already rolled and pulled by previous owner. I don't wan't any camber adjustments. Bad for tires, wallet and winter conditions. Previous owner had Japan Racing JR3 wheels with et 20-22 in the back (17x9). Sure they stuck out lil bit but it was okay with stretched tires. I'm looking at these: http://www.nlmotoring.com/Avid-1-AV-12-Wheels-16x8-Gold-p/av121680ma25gd.htm 16x8 Offset [+25mm] (I would pick 15's but can't find those locally with 114 and et25 fitment). I wonder if such "deep dish" wheels fit MB6 without camber adjustments? I mean ET 25 should be manageable if those JR3's fitted, right? But does wheel design affect how much it actually comes outwards? I've seen some EK and EG Civics with those wheels and they struggle i guess. Looks good on those but MB6 have stock ET of 55 vs. other Civics 40-45. Fenders and arches are pulled out as much as they can i'd say. Does anyone here have experience on fitting similar style wheels on MB6 without camber adjustments? Does pulled fenders and mild stretched tires solve it? Another problem i fear is caliper clearance in the front... Bigger calipers than stock Civics. If it needs spacers bigger than 3mm. i think it's a "no go" then. Assuming they would fit, what tire profile would be the best? I have now stock 15's and lowered car pretty much in the same level as wheels (stanced/slammed some would possibly say ).
  10. dogg1210

    Gearbox s4c or s80

    Looking for box for my mb would prefer an s80 4.7 but would also take an s4c
  11. Rookie88


    Want some coilovers or may be 180 suspension depends what's about tbh befor I buy new, tia
  12. dogg1210

    Intake mani

    Right I just put a standard backbox on the civic and I thought with a blox intake and a dc2 and whales p***s intake the induction would be loud, it's not in fact it's very quite compared to one's ive listened too on net. could the boy who put blox mani on have done something wrong? what other ideas do people think could coz this, thanks
  13. J18bey

    J18bey's MB6 Vti

    Hi everyone it's been about a week or so since I joined Civic5 so thought it was about time that I started a build thread. The Mb's been in my family since new and has been kept standard and well pampered it's whole life but after 16 years could be doing with a few upgrades so it can keep up with its modern day counterparts. Apart from a ABS sensor, couple of saggy doorcard fabrics and some lacquer peel on the spoiler its pretty much straight onto upgrades. Once I've got my Impreza out the garage and back on the road at the end of the month the civic will be going in and getting stripped down/rebuilt. Main focus is going to be on the suspension/brakes as at the moment they can only be described as tragic! Had originally planned on a ATR spoiler and Accord sport wheels but decided I'm going with something completely different now. Anyway enough talking here's some pics....... First job is to definitely sort out the tailgate!
  14. Hi! I had new clutch in 2015 (aisin), before that, shifting gears was smooth, except the worn clutch. After the change, 2nd gear is harder to shift a bit and in 4th gear I feel the knob moving a tiny bit on pushing and releasing gas pedal. So I guess its nor syncro, since it was smooth shifting before that service. Using MTF-3. Since that, I've got a new clutch again, but it wasnt the problem, cuz its still doing that. My last idea is linkage bushing replace maybe. Looking for advices, ideas about the problem, also looking for info about lingage bushing. which, where etc. cheeers
  15. 2000 Honda Civic Vti 1.8 MB6 Vtec. Low miles. Silver. 58800 Genuine low miles. MOT certificates and Service history to verify mileage. Full Service History until 2014 when I purchased the vehicle. Serviced and maintained to a very high standard by myself and a local garage since then. Cambelt, Aux belts and water pump changed 11/3/15 at 54374 miles. 3 Former keepers, one of which was main dealer as this was a demonstrator. Air con in full working order, as are all the electrics. Vtec works perfectly. Excellent Condition interior. Bodywork blemishes are pictured but the vehicle is rust free and in very tidy condition. A very reluctant sale. Full Stainless Powerflow exhaust including new Catalytic converter and Tegiwa 4-2-1 Stainless manifold. AEM DryFlow induction kit. MG ZS 180 Anti Roll Bar and Drop links: Polybushed. New Foglights. Climair wind deflectors front and rear. New Pads/Discs all round. New rear calipers and refurbed front calipers. Braided Lines. Huge stack of receipts for service items over the last two years, the car has wanted for nothing. If you want to discuss exactly which parts have been fitted/filters/oil changed, please contact me directly as there is too much to list. Fresh MOT with no advisories. Any inspection welcome. Call/text 07981 472 506, or email ben183@hotmail.com with specific questions. Car is located in Worthing. NSF wheel has a dent which causes a slow puncture of the front tyre over a period of weeks: Full set of VTiS Fanblade alloys are included in the sale with Brand New OEM centrecaps and wheels nuts. I don’t have the means to get these refurbed and fitted anymore. Great condition and low miles, hence £2200. I would much rather sell to someone who knows what they are looking at and enjoys these cars, than go down the ebay route.
  16. mokus

    Wheel fitment

    Hi! I'm about to fit my wheels outer a bit with spacer. BUT... its possible on rear, that arch is cutted short... on the front... its already scrubbing when turning left or right and theroad is a bit bad. So, how to make nice fitment, get the wheels out to line of the arch? pictures, ideas, tips? I need around 10mm i think, but Idont want to dent my front fender arch :\ pics about current setup:
  17. mokus

    MB6 injector noise

    Hi! Injectors are very noisy on my b18c4. Is it normal they have ticky sound? Any ideas for cleaning? Long time ago, I used some fuel system cleaner stuff added to normal 95, after that, I replaced fuel fllter. then I used 95 premium around 70% of my fuelings, to keep the system clean. other 30% is normal 95..
  18. dogg1210


    Anyone know what spoiler this is
  19. androot

    G99P drivers front wing and bumper

    I really need those. At least the wing. Help!!
  20. When I first signed up here I mentioned I'd have an MB6 in a few months. It has now been a few months. It's a completely standard (for now!) Sicilian Red VTi with 90k on the clock. We've had it in the family for 8 years and I actually had the pleasure of learning to drive in it. Probably why I passed first time. I'm picking the car up from my parents' place on Saturday (which is when their insurance ends and mine starts) so for now here's a few pictures I took a while ago. Current mod list: - Audio -- Pioneer DEH-X5600BT headunit -- Vibe CBR10 EVO Active V2 box with Alpine SWR-10D2 subwoofer - Interior -- CREE LED interior and boot lights -- Domokun front seatbelt pads -- OEM cup holders -- Moman plasma dials -- eBay "Mugen" weighted gear knob -- Personal Neo Grinta 330mm steering wheel w/ eBay boss - Exterior -- Large OEM fog lights -- eBay 100W yellow fog light bulbs -- Horizon LEDs 35w 6000K HID kit -- LED sidelights and number plate lights -- Black surround headlights -- Clear side repeaters -- Mesh grill -- Totally JDM decals -- Dechrome -- "Honda" number plate surrounds -- Pressed number plates -- Team Heko wind deflectors -- VTiS front splitter -- VTiS side skirts -- VTiS rear lip -- JDM rear lights -- Pikachu tow hook charm -- Silvertec front indicator bulbs -- Jazz washer jets -- Debadge - Engine -- Resonator delete -- Powerflow 2" cat-back exhaust with Turborevs 3.5" back box -- Air con delete -- Tenzo-R cold air intake -- Magnecor KV85 ignition leads -- Skunk2 VTEC solenoid cover -- H-Tune P28 -- Dark Ice Designs bonnet gas struts - Chassis -- Japan Racing JR3 16x7JJ ET40 wheels -- 215/45R16 Falken Ziex ZE914 Ecorun tyres -- MeisterR Zeta S coilovers -- MG ZS 180 20mm rear anti-roll bar with SuperFlex poly bushes -- MTEC Grooved Black Edition brake discs -- Mintex brake pads -- Goodrich braided brake lines
  21. I would like to know if it will be possible to fit on the MB6 Hood and front bumper onto my MA8. I've noticed there are significantly more parts for the MB6, and then more there's the front lip that I think I wouldn't be able to put onto my MA8. I'm worries there might be conflict with the lights or other parts of the body. And that MB6 bumper is quite sexy. Pictured my white ma8, someone elses (who's probably here on civic5) mb6
  22. Nemesis


    Here I am selling a few parts I have for a MB6: Middle exhaust center (very good condition, only had done 800miles) - £60 Decat (very good condition) - £30 Original cat - £20 Original car stereo - £10 Power flow back box stainless steel, cost me £160 with receipt (excellent condition) - £70 Original Air filter box, rubber pipe and plastic breather - £15 Fog Lights (they need fiber glass again as they are cracked so not in the best condition but lens are fine, and 1 of them has not got the connection switch/clip) - £25 Rear lights smoked out (excellent condition) - £50 Heater resistor - £5 Parcel Shelf (excellent condition) - £10 Red key - £5
  23. Very rare, 16" speedline chronos, with 4 nearly new uniroyal RS3. Stud pattern, 4x114.3  They were fully refurbished, and powder coated spring 2015, and had 4 new tyres fitted September 2015, then they were pulled off the car for winter around November time. And were never refitted as the car was sold on. All the wheels have met a few curbs, but there all straight and true. Ready to fit and use. They do need a deep clean. Wheels located in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire. Price, 350 Price drop! 250 quid! No lowballs as I will name,shame and probably ban.... Lol Will travel to meet for a small fee.
  24. Items: OEM B18C4 Bare bottom end block in good condition - £110 OEM B18C4 Pistons and rods in top condition with brand NEW piston rings - offers? OEM B18C4 Oil sump - £40 PP USA 70mm Throttle body - £100 Skunk2 B16/B18 Intake manifold in mint condition, bought new at £230, cleaned and painted - £210 Condition: Good working order Location: West Midlands
  25. Finch

    Interior Info thread...

    I've been looking around for a little bit of information but the main info I've found is related to the MB6 VTI-S.. I have a 1.4 Sport MB (MB3 / MB8 depending on who you speak too!) it has Half leathers, AC, PAS, Leather stitched wheel (did until I yanked it out for a Vertex wheel), Electric Windows (front), Electric Mirrors (adjust & Heat), carbon-look trim around knob, grills etc, Leather stitched honda gear knob. Now apart from the MB6 which has 99% the same interior I have found, what other differences across the range have what? I know theres that wood/tortoise shell looking trim option too but wondered if there was anything exclusive to the VTIS/VTI/Sport? and I was lead to believe the VTIS was the only model in Pirated black, Theres a 1.6 VTEC MB round the corner in PB, doesn't have wing or anything like the trim, has stock fabric seats, no AC yet the colour is definitely black that flips into purple as PB does.. Ideas?