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  1. I was driving along the M6 on Friday night (Oct 27th 2017). At junction 2, someone threw something at me from an overpass as I drove under (at speed!). The object hit my sunroof and shattered it into a million pieces. I'm now in search of a replacement glass for it. Can anyone help me? I'd prefer to refit a Honda one instead of a Rover/MG one if possible. I'm not going through insurance, as they'll just write off the car!
  2. Hey everyone! I used to be on here a few years ago and had an mb2 and 2 mb6s, and ive had this deck for around 2 years now, had 44000 miles when i got it and its just hit 60000 now, sitting on kw coilovers and dc2 wheels Nice to come back on and see all the M's
  3. Another Shell, Another Engine, Another Turbo, Another Build... The latest incarnation:
  4. Hi all im jay n this is my aerodeck vti. Its got 120k on the clock. Some service history and many battle scars and signs of abuse perfect for a project and was mine for 1k. I bought it nearly a year ago n its solid underneath no rust anywhere its just a little tatty on the paintwork usuall story the paint is flaking on the bonnet and boot (longbridge build quality lol) n lots of carpark dings n scratches. Mechanically its sound engine wise that is lol as for the gearbox its the noisiest one ive ever had as recently its started to play up long story short new one getting fitted next week along
  5. Hello there guys and girls, my name Is Mark Gompertz and I am sort of new to the Honda scene. I've just found this forum so thought I'd introduce myself and make a thread to upload progress pictures up! So to start off.. I picked up this little big beauty from a car auction site (copart) for a fair price! Intentionally bought it to take its running gear out and put in my old micra! () But as soon as I sat in and started playing with its little gadgets like the air con, light dimmer switch, electric Windows and electric sunroof, half leather interior, seeing how much boot space there was!
  6. Hello, I searched but didn't find answer so. I'm looking for SS exhaust for MC2. I can buy Spoon, Skunk2 and other brands, but they do not make one for MC2 or MB6. I have used OEM MB6 exhaust on my EK3 with little cutting and welding at the back box and custom cat delete pipe, so I have reason to believe that DC2 or EM1 type exhaust can fit. Do you know if the MB6 and MC2 exhaust are the same. I know the part from the cat to LCA is the same, but how does the back box fit the rear bumper ? Also DC2 or EM1 exhaust fit MC2 or MB6 ? Thank you.
  7. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201703253680189?atmobcid=soc3 67k... Doesn't look like it's had any modding.. Wants £1,150 for it. Nothing to do with me, but looks like a good deal
  8. Since I joined Civic5 and started seeing all the nice Ms I have wanted to have a VTI deck in Pirates Black but due to financial reasons and the price they would be selling for I was unable to fulfil my dream..The other morning I went on Auto Trader just to have a look as usual with no plans of buying a Car..but as I searched for Honda Civic Estates I saw this ad of someone selling a Pirates Black one in Birmingham so me and mrs. decided to go have a look at the car..but as soon as we saw it we knew we have to buy it..so I took it for a test drive and loved it..It's done 136k..Completely standa
  9. Found this on eBay, 34 thousand miles on it! Short MOT and needs a bit of love but wouldn't take much to make that a stunning deck. Hope someone here buys it! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-Civic-VTI-MC2-Aerodeck-B18C4-/162382525289?hash=item25cec0b369:g:g1oAAOSwTglYlL1l
  10. Starting to break my old Vti..has front damage. Want to hold onto engine and box for now. Standard apart from Mgzs suspension K and N cone filter and bracket for mc2 mb6. Interior complete and clean. Also have 26mm front arb. Airboxs. Spare mb6 wheels in grey. All cheap.
  11. Selling my Civic for spares or repairs Buy everything for £100 pounds (Starts but does not run - transmission) Got loads more pics. Loads to say feel free to ask me any question Location: Chiswick, West London. Can post but prefer pick up. 07429 253288 = Whatsapp or Text Mr_a@live.co.uk
  12. Well the time has come to sell my Deck, I've had and loved this car for 8 years and if I had the space I would keep it but I don't so unfortunately it's gotta go. It's pretty standard engine wise apart from K&N panel filter, NGK Iridium plugs and longlife backbox, I put full leather interior in and removed the door fabric so it all ties in really well and also has the original Vti-s matts. I have derailed, detangoed headlights, debadged grille and sprayed chrome bits black on number plate surround, I've also put clear side indicators and chrome amber bulbs in rear lights to remove the oran
  13. Hello guys. Please dont be angry if i mistake subforum. 7 days ago my deck VTi suddenly died. Had working well for a long time. 7 days ago, i took of distributor and cables, and swap them for a test on MB6. MB hardly starded because of jammed injector, but even with my injector, had problems with starting. But its starded. After that, i just unmount everything and mount back to my engine, and problem. Pretty same symptoms like on MB6. Car or dont start at all, or start, but had chocking on 2k rpm when i press gas pedal. If i run over those revs, engine or choke again,
  14. Hello all, I’m new to the forum so will give you a little back ground about me, Spent years playing around with various cars, bikes quads etc and never really had anything very fast. In the summer we went for a rolling road day at a tuners in Leicester and got talking with the owner and he convinced me to build a civic turbo. So when I left there I spent weeks and weeks searching the internet for information on Honda’s, let me tell you if you’re not used to Honda’s its very confusing with all these Ek, Eg, Ej, Mb, Ma, etc etc I then came across a lovely clean Mb6 Aerodeck 1.8 Vti and tho
  15. Yes... £1000 Firm, sold as is. 120k and rising. Mot till may Multiple Cotm winner! Good, strong, B18 uses b****r all oil. Full service history, full Honda till I owned it. Over all in good condition, apart from recent accident dammage, needs drivers side front wing, boot, rear bumper to make it very presentable again. Modifications. De Chromed  Cat back stainless exhaust with burned tip 4-2-1 Japspeed manifold MGZS Suspension and rear anti roll bar. Lenso sc04 samurai in bronze. 17x7et40 M
  16. Hi, one strange problem... My MC2 fuel consumption is of about 11-12 km/l (something less than 34 mpg), for an average range of about 430-450 km or 270-300 miles. This means that, at each refuel, I put about 40 l into the tank...and also in the most desperate cases when I thought to be really out of fuel, with the gauge pointer less than horizontal, I never succeeded to put in more than 41-42 lt (11 gallons)... Is this normal or my fuel gauge has some problem? The car datasheet claims for a "huge" 55 lt fuel tank, but I really can't see where this volume would be...
  17. So i managed to destroy the bleed screw on my rear caliper. I was super careful, used a correct size brake spanner but it was just utterly seized, and now it's pretty round. Any top tips on how to remove it? I wouldn't want to replace the whole caliper.
  18. Very rare, 16" speedline chronos, with 4 nearly new uniroyal RS3. Stud pattern, 4x114.3  They were fully refurbished, and powder coated spring 2015, and had 4 new tyres fitted September 2015, then they were pulled off the car for winter around November time. And were never refitted as the car was sold on. All the wheels have met a few curbs, but there all straight and true. Ready to fit and use. They do need a deep clean. Wheels located in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshi
  19. Hello everybody, it seems that some of my S9B shafts bearings is getting bad. The transmission started to give out a "weeeeen" while accelerating...at first it was in 5th gear at about 100 km/h, then it started to do the same in 1st and 2nd, now also 3rd and 4th are beginning. My intention would be to replace the bearings now, without waiting for a further aggravation of the noise. My question: is this kit OK for the S9B? http://www.tegiwaimports.com/select-car/honda/ek/drivetrain/mfactory-synchrotech-bearing-and-seal-kit-94-01-honda-integra-b1
  20. Need to replace leaking cam seal(s). Never done this before, so anything i should know in advance? I've got Hondabond and an accurate torque wrench. The rocker cover seal was replaced only half a year ago so i'm using the old one. I watched this video, looks pretty straightforward: In this one he only changes the exhaust side cam seal, and i've noticed some other people only change 1 cam seal as well when fixing a cam seal leak. My logic would say to replace both seals on the same go, but is this a) necessary and b ) possible without removing the distributor? I'm n
  21. Engine managment light came on last night, checked the codes first thing this morning :- 9 CID Sensor (Number 1 Cylinder position) defective circuit or unplugged / defective sensor (car is running fine, rev counter sitting slightly higher but sure that is down to a sticky clocks) can anyone help me out on what this could be? cheers.
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