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  1. Rover 400 The Civic Conversion Project I was working on my Impreza, when I decided I was going to get a cheap run-around while I took it off the road to do some work on it. I bought a Rover 400 for £200. I knew nothing about the cars, and had no idea it was even a turbo (As it wasn't listed as one on eBay). It was far too slow to be a turbo, but when I tried to insure it, they insisted it was a turbo model. After some inspection of the engine, I realised it was in fact a turbo, and I was then very interested in getting a bit more power and torque from the engine. I looked at some pictures of modified Rover 400's and they actually look half decent. It was then, I wanted to upgrade some of the body work, such as the facelift MG ZS rear end which has a flush boot lid. Somehow, I discovered that the Rover 400 shared exactly the same chassis as the Honda Civic MB 5 door, and that's when I decided to do a full exterior conversion. When I was able to get my hands on a rolling shell, I figured I'd also swap over the interior. The Rover 400 has a grey and wood effect interior, which is a bit too "grandad-esque" for my liking. As you can see from the image, the interior is exactly the same. Rover 400 Interior: Honda Civic MB Interior: Of course, it wouldn't be right to have an 86bhp car that looked fast, so I'll also be doing some engine tuning. Being that this is a mechanical injection mode, digital tuning such as tuning boxes and remapping is not possible. So I will be upping the fuel intake, fitting an intercooler, and fitting a new model turbo charger. The engine already has SDi injectors capable of increased fueling. I'm probably looking at increasing the power to around 130-150, with tons more torque. I'm picking up the Civic shell on Saturday, so stay tuned for updates.
  2. When I had my Impreza, I did a pretty intense Nexus 7 install. It would be a waste not to be able to use it again. I was wondering if there are any double-din centre consoles out there I can buy?
  3. Fairly new to these Civics. I know a lot about the Rover 400/45 and MG ZS so know they are good cars. Is the Civic VTI suspension different to the standard Civic (non VTI)? Stiffer? Lower? Is the VTI and 'VTI S' suspension the same? What about the Civic 'Sport'?
  4. Will they stuck out from fenders/arches? They are already rolled and pulled by previous owner. I don't wan't any camber adjustments. Bad for tires, wallet and winter conditions. Previous owner had Japan Racing JR3 wheels with et 20-22 in the back (17x9). Sure they stuck out lil bit but it was okay with stretched tires. I'm looking at these: http://www.nlmotoring.com/Avid-1-AV-12-Wheels-16x8-Gold-p/av121680ma25gd.htm 16x8 Offset [+25mm] (I would pick 15's but can't find those locally with 114 and et25 fitment). I wonder if such "deep dish" wheels fit MB6 without camber adjustments? I mean ET 25 should be manageable if those JR3's fitted, right? But does wheel design affect how much it actually comes outwards? I've seen some EK and EG Civics with those wheels and they struggle i guess. Looks good on those but MB6 have stock ET of 55 vs. other Civics 40-45. Fenders and arches are pulled out as much as they can i'd say. Does anyone here have experience on fitting similar style wheels on MB6 without camber adjustments? Does pulled fenders and mild stretched tires solve it? Another problem i fear is caliper clearance in the front... Bigger calipers than stock Civics. If it needs spacers bigger than 3mm. i think it's a "no go" then. Assuming they would fit, what tire profile would be the best? I have now stock 15's and lowered car pretty much in the same level as wheels (stanced/slammed some would possibly say ).
  5. Hi everyone it's been about a week or so since I joined Civic5 so thought it was about time that I started a build thread. The Mb's been in my family since new and has been kept standard and well pampered it's whole life but after 16 years could be doing with a few upgrades so it can keep up with its modern day counterparts. Apart from a ABS sensor, couple of saggy doorcard fabrics and some lacquer peel on the spoiler its pretty much straight onto upgrades. Once I've got my Impreza out the garage and back on the road at the end of the month the civic will be going in and getting stripped down/rebuilt. Main focus is going to be on the suspension/brakes as at the moment they can only be described as tragic! Had originally planned on a ATR spoiler and Accord sport wheels but decided I'm going with something completely different now. Anyway enough talking here's some pics....... First job is to definitely sort out the tailgate!
  6. Does anyone by any chance know where I could get rear trailing arm bushes? mine look a bit old and everytime someone sits in the back something squeeks over bumps? so I'm looking for bushes that will last long or could be polybush ones I'm not fussy. cheers! (civic mb6)
  7. hi all, is there any advide on removing the gearbox? i need to change clutch and flywheel
  8. Hi all need a little help. I'm going to get the k sport big brake upgrade, 330mm rotors, 8 pot calipers for my mb6. My problem is what car to buy them for as they don't do the kit for our cars. Most people upgrade their brakes to our 286 discs and calipers which seem to bolt on to a lot of other civics and from what I can work out are the same as the older dc2 with the 4x114 stud pattern. If the older dc2 brakes are the same as ours does that mean they will bolt up directly to our hubs? If so I should buy the ksport kit for the dc2 and it will be a straight bolt on job? Any input from someone with good knowing on this would be great as its a lot of money to buy them only to find out they don't fit.
  9. It seems Amazon are stopping stocking car parts and loads are going at knock down prices. cabin and air filters both dor £5.50 disty cap for £4 ignition cables for a fiver and get this ...... A pair of MB6 brake discs for £8.13 see here for details http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/loads-car-parts-sold-amazon-90-more-off-amazon-2480934?page=13#comments
  10. Hello. First things first, my front windscreen has a great big crack on the left hand side. starts at the edge of where the tax disc would normally be and then goes up to about halfway up the windscreen. And with lots of little scratches here and there actually getting the whole lot replaced would be a nice thing. Not sure if it can be fixed anyways... And the rear windscreen... My car came with the ugly windscreen brake light (black box thing) which I want to remove, especially since it also came with the little spoiler with brake light. Unfortunately, two big holes were made/drilled to fit the brake box thing so can't fully remove it. I've taken it off but it's left two big black circle things which are fugly. So... How much would I be looking at to replace both windscreens, easy enough to do yourself or let the pro's do it? Or would I be better off trying to find a boot+windscreen for my civic in the correct colour? And do you think the crack could actually be replaced, but then what about all those scratches everywhere which actually cause quite a bit of glare in sunlight/heavy rain... Pirates black mb3...
  11. I want to change my mb6 coilovers I cannot find one to change it. Is the EK coilovers will fit on mb6, so many type on eBay which model or parts is right for the mb6, what I need to care of I heard that the EK coilovers need a top mount nuts to go with it, where can I get the nuts from? Help if anyone know where I can get from eBay please send me the link, just in case I get the wrong one. (I don't want Koni coilovers because too low)
  12. right anyone wanting poly bushes but don't want to get raped for em. use http://www.strongflexuk.co.uk/ they usually take about a week to arrive but are good quality and cheaper than most other places! they also have a category for our cars!!
  13. I just bought an mb2 can anyway give me ideas of what to do and where to buy parts for it from
  14. Hi everyone, today i went to a shop to remap my mb6 with s2 intake, 66mm tb and full exhaust 2,5". give me some opinions please 205hp and 200 thanks
  15. Hi all My Micra has had it's day so I picked up this Civic MB6. I know it's not your typical EK Civic but it's still got the B18C4. It's certainly quicker than the Micra. It wont set any speed records but it does shift pretty well. The Car It has 89,000 miles, a bunch of paperwork and MOT till end of August. The car has had some track use before, the guy was on RetroRides It's pretty much standard, it has a set of 35mm lowering springs and a stainless steel (silent) rear can. Plans - I'm having the window tints done pay day, I don't like being in a goldfish bowl. - I've bought some G3 rubbing compound to remove the cloudiness on the headlights. - Some BC coilovers, expensive but worth it. - New brake pads. Preferably GreenStuff. It has OMP pads at the moment and they don't feel the best. Stay tuned!
  16. Morning all, I've been in touch with the suppliers of these fiberglass body parts to ask about some wings. They don't do them for ms, but I asked how many they would need to make it worth while. He said for a special order they'd be wanting 7-10 pairs @ £190 per pair, plus delivery. This is their ebay listing for egs... http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/231970494058 Would anyone be interested?
  17. Greetings from Bulgaria guys, Here is the story of the MB I'm currently driving. About an year ago I was still trying to win over my girl so I helped her find a car - after some looking around she settled on a Civic and we started looking - my mechanic then said he had a customer/friend that was selling one and it was supposed to be in perfect condition. We went around and around looking at everything was pretty much over 1500 euros and beat down no registration and the one he had was like 1200 euros with registration and everything paid for an year which is like another 150 euros. Car was a Sedan like Hatch - didn't know anything about those variants before - for me the Civic was a 2/3 door hatch. So the car comes along - its hit by a hail storm (there was a pretty big one here in the capital that ruined a big % of the cars) It was not so bad but it did have small dents here and there and one on the windscreen, when we drove it it was like a Cadillac going smooth over everything (little did I know that the shocks were done), the clutch I did not like as it was slow to grab and was high but the mechanic told me its supposed to be like that or they changed it to suit the driver or something - I was not taking any of it but the car was solid otherwise. A/C was working could but only speeds 3 and 4. It had a lot of small hits and dents from the woman that was driving it. They kept telling me it was very well cared for with OEM parts and stuff. At the time I was thinking it was a 90 horses car and the plan was to use it on the highway. Turned out it was 75 but at the time I had a 54 hp car and though it was good to go. Drove it some more - had her drive it and she bought it - took about 2 weeks of waiting for the guy to have time to settle the documentation and since she was from another town the car had to go to that towns county to get registered. The day she got it the car started wobbling - her ex was driving it a few days and a tire popped - it had a balloon on it and that was causing the wobble. I had decided to not let her drive anywhere with those tires as they were already s**t and old - my plan was to buy four new ones as a new car present. After a few talks about it her ex decided to pitch in and we split the bill. All new Vredestein Sports 5s 185/60 R14 - summer was just starting so those were perfect. After a few months I needed a car for a while and she gave me the Civic - the front was severely worn - knuckles, control arms, bushings etc. Fast forward few months I started fixing the car, refurbished the control arms, changed knuckles and needed bushings and it was solid again. Then I got my Audi and the Honda started sitting around - since it was almost winter the car was not very usable on summer tires, one morning I found it damaged, someone had crashed into the right side several times - assuming cause I had like 4 cars on a parking lot in front of the building I live in for quite a while (after 4pm you can't find a place). Even found some clues as to who might be but I had no time to fix it. Car was frozen solid at some point. Winter ended - I bought two doors with the idea to fix it. Drove it for a while again - it runs on petrol and does like 31 mpg which is not good compared to LPG cars. Anyway the front was starting to rattle again - Car had done like 3000 miles after she bought it. No service was done to it whatsoever besides the previous repair. Oil was old AF Changed oil and filter Changed the stereo Then I was again driving my own car and the Honda was sitting there waiting Crashed my 2nd Audi and there we go back to the Honda - since im broke AF its gonna be this or my old ford which I will not even comment, better walk So after getting stuck with the Honda (our main car as im now living with my gf) it started again Changed several suspension parts in the front, did an alignment Cleaned the intake Did a brake fluid and front pad change + calliper cleanup The windscreen started to crack - had that replaced Did the exhaust middle part as it had holes in it already Saved some cash for an old fashioned LPG system - went to get it done - intake is not metal - double up on the money for an LPG injection system - borrowed some money and doing the LPG now Did the intake gasket mod that supposedly unlocks 15hp as there is a restriction plate there - I can feel a difference only at 2.5-3.5 rpm. And now after the LPG gets done ill be looking to: - fix the A/C speeds - change air and pollen filter - get new shocks and springs ( will need help from you guys as I want a stiffer set ) - change the doors that I already have - change two door cards as they are worn AF (got 4 spares) - check why the gear switching is hard and why it gets harder after warm up - change the front right fender as it was also very damaged (have found one very cheap same color) - possible do the clutch (looking into a lighter flywheel) - do a very very quiet exhaust - fix the power steering/power brakes as there seems to be a problem In the DIY section I found out how to fix the A/C speeds and change the pollen filter - thanks for that Things I need advice on: Shocks and springs - I dont want to lower it as we have holes on every street but I do want it to be stiffer. We do not have any MGs here so most options are from another Civic or Rover - looking for any suggestions on this - budged it tight as well. The steering is a bit heavy and the brake has no feel - it stops but sometimes it overstops sometimes it does not stop enough - disks are very shiny so the pads must be hitting right. If someone has seen this or heard about the same issue. Gear changes are hard and stiff - I will do an oil change but looking for other ideas as well. What mods can I do to the engine - read about Z6 intake, 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, different ECU - looking to get some power out of it as I have no option of trading up for a bigger engine. Looking for ideas to put strut / sway bars Any and all help will be appreciated. Pictures coming soon as I have the chance to shoot it. It is an MB2 I think - D14A3 engine Regards
  18. Hey all, i have been offered some 17 inch alloys with low profile tyres, I have not been to see then yet, do I can't give any more dimensions , does any of the members here have 17 inch alloys fitted? And if so do they rub on full lock etc??
  19. So I posted (now deleted) a thread recently entitled "JJ's Single Cammer Slammer" with a silver 1.4 MB, Shes gone and I've got me a black 1.4 Sport and a little money my way.. Shes a bit rough around the edges but nothing a little TLC can't fix. Plans are still the same, Lower, Faster and Lighter! but now I have half my work already done (I was pricing up black gloss resprays...) first things first, the giant ships wheel HAS to go... EG/DC2 boss ordered! Vertex wheel will be on ASAP and a nice weighty kn0b It has the half leather seats all round, A Kenwood bluetooth stereo, Vibe speakers. Gonna dig out the DSLR, Autoglym and give the old girl a polish tomorrow!
  20. just back from getting a vtis front and back lip :)
  21. Hey guys, my my mates got a ZS spoiler witch he's looking to replace/upgrade and he wanted me to find out, if he sells it on, what would he get for it?? if this should be in another section please move it on cheers
  22. adding vit front lip and vits rear lips today, pics will be added
  23. Thought I'd start my thread and show a few pics of the car that's been with me since 2008. I've had quite a few cars in between this including a 106gti, Toyota Mr2 turbo and an Ep3 Civic type R. It's the civic vti that I've always been attached too, probably because of the practically and reliability but the wolf in sheep's clothing thing. I'm always keeping it as clean as I can but hopefully this year or the next it will be back on the road. Changed a few things. From stock suspension to lowered springs to mg zs setup plus the zs arb. Power flow exhaust, various air filters, mg zs skirts, homemade mesh grill, short shifter and vtis alloys. Plus general maintance which I try to do most of it myself. I want to upgrade the brakes and possibly the exhaust system. Will try to dig out an orginal pic when I first bought it with 55,000...now 100,000
  24. Hey ho. As some people might already know i ran over a badger. So now I need to replace my front bumper, but where can i find one? It shouldhave a "Materialgutachten" (a certificate which we need here in Germany to be able to put bodykits on our cars). I'm searching for weeks but I can't find anything, only lips or stuff for show-cars. Thanks!
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