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  1. Hi all im jay n this is my aerodeck vti. Its got 120k on the clock. Some service history and many battle scars and signs of abuse perfect for a project and was mine for 1k. I bought it nearly a year ago n its solid underneath no rust anywhere its just a little tatty on the paintwork usuall story the paint is flaking on the bonnet and boot (longbridge build quality lol) n lots of carpark dings n scratches. Mechanically its sound engine wise that is lol as for the gearbox its the noisiest one ive ever had as recently its started to play up long story short new one getting fitted next week along with a new clutch.
  2. Hello everyone, I have started to inquire for the installation of cruise control on our MB6 inspired by Integra GSR USDM ,for now I already home the control unit the actuator and buttons for steering. As a guide for now I'm studying that this EG. http://www.civic-eg.com/causeforalarm/cruise_control/index.php I want to know someone in the forum has ever tried to set the cruise control on MB6?
  3. Since I joined Civic5 and started seeing all the nice Ms I have wanted to have a VTI deck in Pirates Black but due to financial reasons and the price they would be selling for I was unable to fulfil my dream..The other morning I went on Auto Trader just to have a look as usual with no plans of buying a Car..but as I searched for Honda Civic Estates I saw this ad of someone selling a Pirates Black one in Birmingham so me and mrs. decided to go have a look at the car..but as soon as we saw it we knew we have to buy it..so I took it for a test drive and loved it..It's done 136k..Completely standard..2 Previous owners and the last owner had it for 8 years..and it's evident that he looked after it and didn't abuse the car..There is no rust anywhere..some swirls and minor scratches on the paintwork but nothing major..I am very happy and excited to have this car and looking forward to some nice changes Pictures from the ad. I haven't taken any yet..but tomorrow morning if the weather is nice I will take some more
  4. So after selling my impreza I've been on the lookout for another civic. An aerodeck vti was top of the list after having had several eg's previously. So this one came up on Tuesday. Pirates Black, 177k miles but an honest car. Clean mot and no major issues. She needs some love to sort out some small issues - scrape on the ns wing and rear door/arch. A bit of rust on the arch as a result of the scrape but the rest looks sound. No rust on the drivers arch that I can see. Needs front suspension bushes and possibly fresh engine mounts but the engine and box are sweet. No smoke at all, no tappet noise etc. Not bad for 800 notes! 230 mile round trip though but worth saving her from being broken. This will be a gradual project to restore and add some subtle improvements along the way. Pics will be added later as she stands now.
  5. Found this on eBay, 34 thousand miles on it! Short MOT and needs a bit of love but wouldn't take much to make that a stunning deck. Hope someone here buys it! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-Civic-VTI-MC2-Aerodeck-B18C4-/162382525289?hash=item25cec0b369:g:g1oAAOSwTglYlL1l
  6. Hello all, I’m new to the forum so will give you a little back ground about me, Spent years playing around with various cars, bikes quads etc and never really had anything very fast. In the summer we went for a rolling road day at a tuners in Leicester and got talking with the owner and he convinced me to build a civic turbo. So when I left there I spent weeks and weeks searching the internet for information on Honda’s, let me tell you if you’re not used to Honda’s its very confusing with all these Ek, Eg, Ej, Mb, Ma, etc etc I then came across a lovely clean Mb6 Aerodeck 1.8 Vti and thought would make a great sleeper, as well as coming with Lsd, 1.8 Dohc as standard. Got the car for just over £1300 with full extensive service history so I was quite pleased in the end. I then took the car to the tuners for a rolling road for a health check and power run, It made 163 Bhp which is not bad considering its only lost 7 hp in 15 years, ( and has a slight exhaust blow ) Once confirmed that car was ok to start building i began to write a list of parts needed, based on what i got told i needed and normal replacement parts such as cambelt kit etc. That list over the last 6 weeks has just got longer and longer. I planned on getting it to 300 bhp, and then wanted to make sure the engine was strong enough to be used on a daily basis and now we are looking at making it a 500bhp car. Thanks for looking more pictures to follow
  7. When I first signed up here I mentioned I'd have an MB6 in a few months. It has now been a few months. It's a completely standard (for now!) Sicilian Red VTi with 90k on the clock. We've had it in the family for 8 years and I actually had the pleasure of learning to drive in it. Probably why I passed first time. I'm picking the car up from my parents' place on Saturday (which is when their insurance ends and mine starts) so for now here's a few pictures I took a while ago. Current mod list: - Audio -- Pioneer DEH-X5600BT headunit -- Vibe CBR10 EVO Active V2 box with Alpine SWR-10D2 subwoofer - Interior -- CREE LED interior and boot lights -- Domokun front seatbelt pads -- OEM cup holders -- Moman plasma dials -- eBay "Mugen" weighted gear knob -- Personal Neo Grinta 330mm steering wheel w/ eBay boss - Exterior -- Large OEM fog lights -- eBay 100W yellow fog light bulbs -- Horizon LEDs 35w 6000K HID kit -- LED sidelights and number plate lights -- Black surround headlights -- Clear side repeaters -- Mesh grill -- Totally JDM decals -- Dechrome -- "Honda" number plate surrounds -- Pressed number plates -- Team Heko wind deflectors -- VTiS front splitter -- VTiS side skirts -- VTiS rear lip -- JDM rear lights -- Pikachu tow hook charm -- Silvertec front indicator bulbs -- Jazz washer jets -- Debadge - Engine -- Resonator delete -- Powerflow 2" cat-back exhaust with Turborevs 3.5" back box -- Air con delete -- Tenzo-R cold air intake -- Magnecor KV85 ignition leads -- Skunk2 VTEC solenoid cover -- H-Tune P28 -- Dark Ice Designs bonnet gas struts - Chassis -- Japan Racing JR3 16x7JJ ET40 wheels -- 215/45R16 Falken Ziex ZE914 Ecorun tyres -- MeisterR Zeta S coilovers -- MG ZS 180 20mm rear anti-roll bar with SuperFlex poly bushes -- MTEC Grooved Black Edition brake discs -- Mintex brake pads -- Goodrich braided brake lines
  8. Found this badboy for sale 200bhp and not even a ecu, does have an earthing kit tho
  9. Hello all, Im really starting to lose love in my mb i have had it for a year and its been going good but a month ago something from the front end started whining. It only happens once you slightly press the accelerator or when you're maintaining speed, like holding at 30... Once i depress the clutch the noise disappears. I had my mainshaft bearings replaced and i have replaced the clutch and thrust bearing. Nothing had changed :/ The whine started when my brother missed a gear and obviously it high revved ( didnt hit limiter) Cheers!
  10. Need some help , I understand my aerodeck currently sits upon the mg zs suspension setup , however I want to replace but not lose the ride height , will a coilover set provide me with at least this ride height (with a firmer setup) or am I going to need to look elsewhere ? I know it sounds silly but im confused.
  11. Hi all My Micra has had it's day so I picked up this Civic MB6. I know it's not your typical EK Civic but it's still got the B18C4. It's certainly quicker than the Micra. It wont set any speed records but it does shift pretty well. The Car It has 89,000 miles, a bunch of paperwork and MOT till end of August. The car has had some track use before, the guy was on RetroRides It's pretty much standard, it has a set of 35mm lowering springs and a stainless steel (silent) rear can. Plans - I'm having the window tints done pay day, I don't like being in a goldfish bowl. - I've bought some G3 rubbing compound to remove the cloudiness on the headlights. - Some BC coilovers, expensive but worth it. - New brake pads. Preferably GreenStuff. It has OMP pads at the moment and they don't feel the best. Stay tuned!
  12. So possibly a little premature, although I thought i'd begin the thread now So this is what I've commited to buying; Only 78k !!!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281233626417?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 Providing he doesnt mess me around and its as described, I collect monday evening .. Cannot wait .. First additions will be a new stereo as it has the standard tape player still in! Any suggestions? And wheels will be swapped over .. WIll get a pick up ASAP .. Plus more pic's from when i pick her up on Monday .. Also have an indcuction kit that will fit so will get that on prompto too ..
  13. Hi all, I bought this vti off my mate,he was the last owner for 10 years so i know the car,full service history,red key,2 black keys,red master key fob,2 black key fobs and ir key fob.manuals ect. It had a fuel leak from the tank so he took it off the road and that was it for a year until he agreed to sell. £200 in my favour Its a 98 model in baikal green with 131000 on the clock. I plan to get it back to its former glory with some mods along the way.im doing it on a small budget so alot of things will be re fabricted to save costs. This is how it was when i got it home needs most of the attention to the bodywork.needs a few little bits and pieces for the mot,first off,fix the fuel leak. He's already done a few little mods including, full leather,jazz washer jets,smoked side repeaters,painted the cam cover,recon rear calipers painted red,a crap induction kit and a crap stainless back box. Bonnet is trash,laquer has gone white. Headlight washer missing but have 1 to hand,fogs beyond repair but have some to hand. This arch isnt too bad but needs doing the other side has been repaired but needs re working. I know the intake is laughable but that will be binned asap!
  14. Thought I'd start my thread and show a few pics of the car that's been with me since 2008. I've had quite a few cars in between this including a 106gti, Toyota Mr2 turbo and an Ep3 Civic type R. It's the civic vti that I've always been attached too, probably because of the practically and reliability but the wolf in sheep's clothing thing. I'm always keeping it as clean as I can but hopefully this year or the next it will be back on the road. Changed a few things. From stock suspension to lowered springs to mg zs setup plus the zs arb. Power flow exhaust, various air filters, mg zs skirts, homemade mesh grill, short shifter and vtis alloys. Plus general maintance which I try to do most of it myself. I want to upgrade the brakes and possibly the exhaust system. Will try to dig out an orginal pic when I first bought it with 55,000...now 100,000
  15. So figured I'd start a thread , the car was sitting on the drive over the weekend staring at me..... So me n the wife got bored and did the wing. This is (I can feel it already) the start of what I feel is going to be a never ending list of stuff to do. **additional** Just got heavily scorned because I didn't acknowledge my wife's wonderful work of the front grille area. (I don't have a pic of it ATM)
  16. Hello all, This is my aerodeck. It's completely standard with 170K on the klock. It's my second Honda . For this I was driving a civic ej9. Current ( OEM) mod list: - New OEM fog lights - New Oem mud flaps -New Window rubbers -Window deflectors -New oem rear wiper arm last week I bought a set vti -s wheels and headlight protectors. Rare items here in the Netherlands. The rims I will repair, and restore to their original condition. Also, I found a full leather VTI-S interior. I doubt still to buy this, Quite rare but also quite pricey
  17. Hi all , new member , bought a VTI recently and the wife and I love it , I believe it's a previous members car. Would love to get in touch with them , I like knowing a cars history and chatting to like minded fans. Reg is X298GLE
  18. it's about bloody time, i got this started.... for those who don't know this is the history of the car --->http://www.civic5.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=141&t=7121 and as for the last currant post was this on the 8 april 2012. it's taken me 8 month's to start it... :oops: right. bought it from chris, but i think it was the worst kept secret on the forum right photo's... i don't seem to of have the best of luck with her at time's. i had some twat rip the front lip off the car, but thank's to krzys for a replacement i've had th rear number plate go missing in lincoln but i've found that horrible rattle that chris couldn't find.... i'll get i picture of it tommorow, as it's in for mot. (it'll pass, one way or another.. ) now do i shove £20 note's under the brake line's... as a project, i didn't have any really direction to go with her. so i when i got it back to work, i did an oil change and enjoyed her for what she is. as the most epic estate car of all time of course... many people took one look at it and laughted at it..... untill we went for a spin :lol: and then they under stood what it was all about..... and with it having a towbar (rear chassis brace for the non believers ) it's has it use's... towbar mounted bike rack... pulling trailer's.... well i didn't want all that crap in the boot..... i've done a few bit's to it such as mud flap's from weetec. to help reduce the amount of shite up the side of the car... and some sticker's WACK11111 and what not. but i have got plan's for it though.... it has some thing to do with this.... and this... that's all for now, i might up date this once/twice a year though...
  19. Do you guys think 185/55R15 is fine on 7.5 rim? My registration document has 185 as optional for 15". Although original 15" wheels are 6" wide. I need a little stretch because my new wheels come 10-15 mm. past the arches. Also i need 3mm spacers at front. Those big calipers of MB6
  20. Bought my self a aerodeck just basically to be different there's none really here in Ireland As far as I'm aware there's only like 4 in ireland and I've the only factory mc2 pirates black the others a all 1.6 (open to correction) It was a 99 mc2 B18c4 turbo pirates black I got it 3 weeks ago and I love it best honda I ever bought At the minute it's been completely stripped back And plan is to k20 turbo it Flush engine bay with full wire tuck Dc5 dash conversion Ordered custom set wheels from extreme offset in England 9j on the rear 8j on the front with some stretch Over fenders Underseal her Do something with the interior Some camber and coils And go from there see what happens ha Aiming for about 600 brake
  21. So its been over 2 months since i brought my MB6...finally got round to putting it on the road and got a chance to inspect it at a mates garage. So far so good.....looks clean enough underneath. 135k Current mods Injen induction kit Blox intake manifold Uprated fuel rail decat, stainless steel pipe, custom back box (v loud!) Lowering spring (v low!) There's a dyno print out from the previous owner showing 198bhp! Need to do the timing belt as it was last done at 60k From what I've read...this is what I need. Timing belt with tensioner Power steering belt Alternator belt (No A/C) Rocker cover gasket Water pump At the same time looking to do a full service. Is there anything else recommended at this age/milage that I have missed out??
  22. Hey all, I bought myself a black aerodeck vti a few months ago as a "daily" car but I've now decided to boost it and make it super amazing... Here she is in her standard form, bought it with only 93,000 miles and a few issues like airbag light on, cracked windscreen, dented drivers rear door (quite bad and looks man made), torn steering wheel, ripped and hanging door card material... I have sorted the airbag light but still have all the other issues which will be very easy to sort so I'm Not too fussed but sourcing a door in my particular black isn't easy and I'm still looking (It's NOT the Pirates black) As for the goodies that I have bought... Precision 5431E 4 bolt turbo TIAL .44mm wastegate SHEEPEY build ram horn exhaust manifold Skunk 2 black series ultra inlet Manifold Skunk 2 black series pro 70mm throttle body AEM fuel pressure regulator Skunk 2 composite fuel rail ID1000 injectors Prosport boost, oil pressure and oil temperature 60mm gauges AEM wideband 16" rota slipstreams resprayed chanpionship White MeisterR zeta S coilovers Cyberspeed LCA's Hondata 4 bar MAP sensor Hondata S300 V2 ECU with boost by gear installed Walbro 355l fuel pump EK9 camshafts Action stage 4 6paddle clutch kit Innovative billet alloy 60A engine mounts Skunk 2 alpha series radiator Blox slimline fan My car is booked in with RW developments in Lichfield in January to have all my custom work done which is - 3" downpipe back system Downpipe Screamer pipe 3" Boost pipes Intercooler Oil catch can Baffled sump Fittings welded on the rocker cover I'm sure there are things I have missed out and I still need to take a few more pictures of bits that I have including the car with the new alloys on and once I've fitted the coilovers to it too... Think I'm going to my unit this Sunday to fit the suspension and clutch... The White slipstreams look great on the car!!!
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