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  1. Hi guys. you may remember about 7weeks ago I posted pictures of my Orleans blue mb3 project, the cars now just gone over 28k now. so after speaking to many insurance companies and finding the policy I'm going with, I've started buying parts to start the build early May time. so this week I bought, where to start. Meister r zeta s coilovers mb6 hub swap with calipers cyberspeed LCA's Mb6 Arb 1 inch MC hel braided brake lines mg zs spoiler (needs painting) honda mist spray windscreen washers vti front lip (needs painting) handbrake cables due to only having drums on the rear. i've also got a backbox being made as my old one snapped, will be paired with my 2.25 inch stainless system with decat. i've also fitted my Jordan wheels just for the mean time. things needed still, a set of black 16 inch alloys with good tyres ideally the accord sport. new discs and pads extended top mounts. what would people recommend for discs and pads?? Thanks for your time.
  2. Some pics of my late Dads Merc 2.0 190E auto which has been stuck in the garage since 2008. Needs an Mot, new rad, brakes most probably. It was his pride and joy. I start it up here and there to bring her out for a bit of tlc. The motor has covered 172, 000 and sounds great. If I had the penny's I'd put it straight back on the road.
  3. I've got an mc1 aerodeck and have noticed my abs light is missing .most likley bulb has been removed .I done a brake test and and doesn't come on .but at low speeds while turning the wheel the abs will activate for a second .anyone have any suggestions what's going on
  4. weetec

    Weetec CRV

    Hi people, my crv.. I ended up with a crv 2002 . needed it as civic mb's were to smalll for my 10yr,4yr,and 2yr old kids. (I'll take family planning seriously next time) ... Never looked back. Wish I bought the 05-06 for its upgrades but the headlights ain't nice compared to the 02. Flat floor pan great for rear seat passengers. Stereo is far to reach however great for a 7inch double din screen. Average 50-55miles to £10. Rear seats recline so great if kids fall asleep. Great child seat legroom. huge torque It slips power to the rear when front wheels loose traction. . Great for launches on wet junctions! Grumbles a bit but it's on 110k now and Iv done 10k of that no problems. Spare wheel is now in boot so making the boot door and parking easier. It's got a huge picnic table in the back but I took it out. (spare wheel raised the floor 2inch) Noisy cabin but hey can have it all... Had to lower it on h&r springs. It was all over the show. Energy engine mount inserts fitted. It's no fast ride but bags of torque. Nice sitting high up. Easier getting in and out.. The big s**tter is the rear door, wished it opened up and not out! But the rear glass opens up like the Eg's. (that's why I took rear wheel off a si I can stretch in both sides. Sadly tdi North told me it's ECU is un- mappable. Consider it a D-series of the modern K civics with a mild vtec crossover. Warning! Exhaust cam suffered premature lobe wear! Happens to all early crv's. Got mine swopped just in time as I was looking under the cam cover and nearly had a heart attack. Picture below Spoiler off ctdi model fitted pic below
  5. I’ve had my car for sale for a while since last year October and I’m not getting much interest. Just a couple of time wasters with lowball offers or not turning up. It’s an MB3 with low 73k mileage and fairly good condition with a few mods. I had it up for £850 then reduced to £500 now for quick sale as weathers soon to get good in next few months and I really want to go back to driving my MB6. Here is my eBay advert. I’m not advertising here, just want to seek advice on how I can help attract more interest. It is my first car and first ever time selling a car so I don’t know how things work really. Normally I see a lot of adverts with little or no description of good and bad points but I’m just 100% honest with mine. It is also on Gumtree and Facebook. Could it be that I’ve removed half the mods or the bad points that put people off?
  6. Anyone seen such a combo ? Im in love haha
  7. been looking in to the CRV gearbox, i see they have a 4.5 FD, and second and third gears seem better than the s9b. question is, are the gears interchangable with the s9b?
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/HulkHulkenberg/status/695878187813888000
  9. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/381527800058 @UnicyclingTom
  10. we did this once before here, as part of the MG ZS group buy of heated front screens. there is one last ever (I know I said the last time would be the last), and this really will be the last time as its not worth my time and hassle and I gain nothing from this...the last ever heated screen group buy the screens WILL come with a top tint, and are dual circuit heated. They are 25£ more than the last batch 5 years ago (inflation!) at £225+vat. its a real last minute thing coz I kinda forgot about you guys, but I have to place an order Monday 8th Feb and as before £100 deposit is required, non refundable as I would be stuck with the screen and I would still have to pay the balance, but if for any reason... find someone else to buy it, whatever, we just need to fulfil the order. Its done through Ricky Evans motorsport as before, they supply cars in the BTCC. They will not stock these screens, if they would I wouldn't have to go to all this hassle for nothing, so this really is the only way to get one, there will be none left over, what I order I have to pay for and you guys pay the same cost per screen as I do, we had to pay the tooling on the first batch, believe me, its no cheap process. Call me 07941 857777 or join teh dark side - MG ZS Owners club on facebook where there is a post, or prob better still, Jason simm on facebook, its the MGZS pic with the stelio pass in the background. Sorry its last minute, but I don't want to miss you guys out.
  11. Q= What Civic M' have I got? A= https://civic5.com/forum/main-pages/civic-5-door-and-aerodeck-chassis-codes/ Q= My cars heater only works on certain speeds, or not at all? A= The heater resistor pack has blown. See here for how to replace it >>> Click here Q= What is the wheel offset of the MB6 and other M's? A= http://www.civic5.com/wheel-info.php Q= Does a decat make any difference and where can I get one? A= Yes, a decat will make slight a difference in power. Available from various places such as Ebay Q= What tyre should I get for my M? A= All depends on the model/wheel size you have, and if it's lowered. 14" wheels 185x60 14 15" wheels 195x55 15 16" wheels 195x50 16 17" wheels 195x40 17 Q= I have an MA8/MA9 civic (pre-facelift models) Are the MB body panels the same? A= No. The MA civic 5 doors have the grill built into the front bumper. So body parts that are different are as follows Front bumper Headlights Bonnet Front wings Rear bumper Rear lights Q= What oil should I use in my civic? A= Honda recommend Castrol 10w40, however any make will be fine. You can also use 5w40 if you want to, but its a bit thinner. Q= How much oil does my engine take? A= Single cam engines take approx 3.2 - 3.4 litres, twin cam engines take 3.7 - 4.0 when you change the oil filter at the same time. Q= How often should I service my 'M'? A= Cars registered before July 1998, need a service every 6 months/6000 miles. Cars registered after July 1998 need a service every 1 year/9000 miles. (service schedules to follow.. ) Q= I am buying an m civic, what should i look out for? A= http://civic5.com/hondacivicbuyersguide.php Q= What are the most common mods done on our m civic's A=Exhaust A= Engine coolant bypass (FREE PPPOOOWWWEEERRRRRRRR!!!!) A=Dash board cluster (speedo/rev Guages) brighten up A=JDM brake light’s mod A=Headlight mod (de-tango) A=Aftermarket front fogs A=Rear anti-roll bar upgrade (MGZS)
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