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  1. When I first signed up here I mentioned I'd have an MB6 in a few months. It has now been a few months. It's a completely standard (for now!) Sicilian Red VTi with 90k on the clock. We've had it in the family for 8 years and I actually had the pleasure of learning to drive in it. Probably why I passed first time. I'm picking the car up from my parents' place on Saturday (which is when their insurance ends and mine starts) so for now here's a few pictures I took a while ago. Current mod list: - Audio -- Pioneer DEH-X5600BT headunit -- Vibe CBR10 EVO Active V2 box with Alpine SWR-10D2 subwoofer - Interior -- CREE LED interior and boot lights -- Domokun front seatbelt pads -- OEM cup holders -- Moman plasma dials -- eBay "Mugen" weighted gear knob -- Personal Neo Grinta 330mm steering wheel w/ eBay boss - Exterior -- Large OEM fog lights -- eBay 100W yellow fog light bulbs -- Horizon LEDs 35w 6000K HID kit -- LED sidelights and number plate lights -- Black surround headlights -- Clear side repeaters -- Mesh grill -- Totally JDM decals -- Dechrome -- "Honda" number plate surrounds -- Pressed number plates -- Team Heko wind deflectors -- VTiS front splitter -- VTiS side skirts -- VTiS rear lip -- JDM rear lights -- Pikachu tow hook charm -- Silvertec front indicator bulbs -- Jazz washer jets -- Debadge - Engine -- Resonator delete -- Powerflow 2" cat-back exhaust with Turborevs 3.5" back box -- Air con delete -- Tenzo-R cold air intake -- Magnecor KV85 ignition leads -- Skunk2 VTEC solenoid cover -- H-Tune P28 -- Dark Ice Designs bonnet gas struts - Chassis -- Japan Racing JR3 16x7JJ ET40 wheels -- 215/45R16 Falken Ziex ZE914 Ecorun tyres -- MeisterR Zeta S coilovers -- MG ZS 180 20mm rear anti-roll bar with SuperFlex poly bushes -- MTEC Grooved Black Edition brake discs -- Mintex brake pads -- Goodrich braided brake lines
  2. One night i was in north London Edmonton and was given a ride home by a friend. He had a pirate black Aerodeck 1.8 vti,he took me from Edmonton to Islington and needless to say i was bitten by the "HONDA" bug. i couldn't believe the performance of this family estate...................... Next came the fast and furious and that was it,i wanted a MB6,but all my friends had pirate black MB6 so i wanted to get a different colour and after months of looking at MB6s i found a white MB6 in leeds..................(full story when you see me) my first mod was new wheel studs on all 4 wheels, this is the car as standard in 2007 .
  3. right then guys think its about time to start a new project. work officially commences on sunday. going to warm up my swappin the rear suspension,hubs, brakes etc over. got a coupla bits arrive today.. so here the first pics, since i know a thread is useless with no pics right!..
  4. Hi guys, after a great two years of owning MB's, ive now been able to afford to insure something abit special in my opinion. i collected it a week ago to the day, she's a 55 plate nighthawk black premeir ep3 current mods are as follows. meisterR coilovers hardrace camber arms hardrace ball joints K&N induction kit, spoon n1 and remap. already have a few plans. I'll upload pictures later, it's saying my photos are too big.
  5. Just joined the forum a couple of weeks ago when I got into the Honda game, needed a cheap run around with decent mpg so bought my mates MB3. Which is the 1.5 sport vtec-e so only £12 something tax and a healthy mpg figure. I've been over on the new members section but thought I would start a thread here for any updates and of course pictures As it belonged to a friend I wasn't too worried about it but knew it would need a few things, here are a couple pictures from when I went to look at it.
  6. Ok, as most of you know, I've been debating which Honda to sell as I can't keep ip with trying to work on all 3 of them. The deck was always going to stay, so she's safe. So I had to decide between Ruby (Civic VTi MB6) and Lexy (Civic TypeS FN1), which one do I sell. The one which stayed was going to have to become my daily driver. But I couldn't decide, because I loved the thrill of driving Ruby (the fun and the power) but couldnt go back to driving her every day. And I loved the creature comforts, the safety, and the solidness of Lexy............But she just didn't have the fun factor having no power! What to do!!!? After a month of sleepless nights (seriously!), Gayle came up with the perfect solution! Sell em both and buy a TypeR! It made perfect sense, because with that I can have the best of both the MB6 and the TypeS all rolled into one! So, with Lexy traded in, it's time to introduce the new TypeR in my life, Roxy! one thing i was stuck on was what do we call her?? Then again, Gayle came up trumps! She's replacing Ruby and Lexy, so a combination of those two names would be perfect! Ruxy sounded a bit daft, so after more thought.....................Roxy was born! Ok, now the car. Shes a 2008 Honda Civic TypeR GT in Alabaster silver, bought from our Civic5 Official Traders Western Honda @ the Fort, Edinburgh. She's already got the optional 19" polished alloys, which really make her stand out. And although I wouldn't normally go out and buy a silver car (had a few before though), she looked stunning and a bit different to the usual red or black TypeR's. Ideally I wanted white, but silvers as close as I could get so yeah, well, chuffed. She also has the TypeR decal pack from Honda, so has the TypeR grill badge and quarter panel decals. Then the modding started!!! Oooops! Um, think I've broke her! First thing I had to do was install my double din touch screen Pioneer head unit I had in the TypeS. To fir this into these civics is a major task, as you need to dismantle pretty much everything, including the full centre console from front to back, and a lot of the dashboard too. And for some reason, i couldnt get the gear lever gator to let go of the gearstick, so had to cut it But this was always going to be changed for the nice new red Suede one I have coming for it. So, after much caffufle, the head unit along with the Sat Nav unit all fitted and looking pukka! Much nicer! So whats next? Well, first of all I need to get Ruby sold! I'm buys prepping her and detailing her ready for sale. Got a new front bumper sitting waiting to go on as her original one has scuffs on it from before I bought her, and thinking about just taking her MeisterR suspension off (the Deck has been eyeing these up!) and selling her for £1300 with standard suspension back on. Oh and meant to add, Roxy is going back into Western Honda for brand new rear brakes as they were an advisory on the MOT, and also to have her alloys fully refurbished. Steve at western agreed to have all this done as part of the deal, so alls good! Should be going in soon Future plans for Roxy are: Wind deflectors Red Suede gear gator Some wee minor imperfections on the bodywork fixed (stone chips etc) Tinted windows Possible induction kit for a bit more noise! Stainless steel Powerflow exhaust when the time comes to replace the standard one. Mudflaps (possibly)
  7. Current State: Original post & how things looked when I first got the MB! (so much has changed ) Hey all, Just wanted to post some pics of my latest addition. Super stoked and excited to get started with some subtle mods etc. Picked it up a couple weeks ago, only had 1 owner from new, 51,000 genuine hpi, dealer and M.O.T backed miles!!! with a full, and I mean every single stamp for its age service history from a main Honda dealer! Couldn't believe how clean the car was underneath / arches etc. Drives like new and has had no expense spared. Couldn't have asked for a better start for a project. Hoping to start with some small things like some new mats, skunk2 gear knob, clear side repeaters...that kind of thing. then looking to upgrade the brakes, suspension and Chassis. Once all thats sorted I'll take a look at the drivetrain, As after giving it a good couple runs I was thinkin that I want just a little more out of it. don't get me wrong, Im very pleased with the performance as it is and I love the sleeper vibe it has, surprises lot of people which is why I deffo want to keep the body stock over changing for the VTI-S kit. But I figure a stage 2 clutch, flywheel, Full exhaust incl headers and cat, decent CAI, Skunk2 Inlet mani, Cams and a map along with a couple other supporting mods would go along way in making the car stand out from the crowd and keep me satisfied for a good while. Anyway will keep things posted as I get on. Love The Colour It goes in the Sunlight!
  8. Well the title says it all... I've been caught speeding. Did a proper job of it as well... 71 in a 60 and on the other side of the road ( was overtaking at the time) So is anyone gonna admit to being caught speeding and having to do a course? If so whats it like.... Thanks....
  9. So possibly a little premature, although I thought i'd begin the thread now So this is what I've commited to buying; Only 78k !!!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281233626417?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 Providing he doesnt mess me around and its as described, I collect monday evening .. Cannot wait .. First additions will be a new stereo as it has the standard tape player still in! Any suggestions? And wheels will be swapped over .. WIll get a pick up ASAP .. Plus more pic's from when i pick her up on Monday .. Also have an indcuction kit that will fit so will get that on prompto too ..
  10. Hey ho. As some people might already know i ran over a badger. So now I need to replace my front bumper, but where can i find one? It shouldhave a "Materialgutachten" (a certificate which we need here in Germany to be able to put bodykits on our cars). I'm searching for weeks but I can't find anything, only lips or stuff for show-cars. Thanks!
  11. Valve cover and inlet waiting for engine to be finished then in it goes to my mb6
  12. hi everybody guess who bought another civic mb1 sr vtec...yeaaah it's me it was a very good deal, near my home... so i bought it 300€ (217£), she has 127 000 miles (197 000 km ) very good conditions,, and i bought her to english people !! unfortunatly i wasn't here to talk with them as you can imagine, at this price, the need some reparations so it's a mb1 sr vtec of course (rare in France, or so expansive), d16y2 as you know. she is grey, perfect for my collection of MB1 lol ^^ good points : - her mileage ! -4 electric windows work good - clutch look ok - interior is very clean, exterior too ! - the engine looks good, sec - it's a SR ^^ bad points / or to do : - tyres ( i ' ve the old wheel of my white) - front and rear brake ( disk + pads) + brake caliper - exhaust, and o2 sensor (check engine) - all drains and filter (air, oil, fuel....) - spark... there is a little rust but it's ok all she needs to drive ^^ we will do everything 'cause we don't have invoices of the last owner! at the moment she doesn't able to drive ( one rear brake caliper is bloqued or broke ) but we will make all of this with love, like my other MB so now, i've got 3 mb1 somes pictures mae
  13. I used to be here ALOT on my old account.. it appears the familiar faces are around like @UnicyclingTom @Chandler @Grant but there used to be a random chat thread thing aswell where people posted utter b*ll***s, but ehhh the site seems a little confusing now!
  14. it's about bloody time, i got this started.... for those who don't know this is the history of the car --->http://www.civic5.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=141&t=7121 and as for the last currant post was this on the 8 april 2012. it's taken me 8 month's to start it... :oops: right. bought it from chris, but i think it was the worst kept secret on the forum right photo's... i don't seem to of have the best of luck with her at time's. i had some twat rip the front lip off the car, but thank's to krzys for a replacement i've had th rear number plate go missing in lincoln but i've found that horrible rattle that chris couldn't find.... i'll get i picture of it tommorow, as it's in for mot. (it'll pass, one way or another.. ) now do i shove £20 note's under the brake line's... as a project, i didn't have any really direction to go with her. so i when i got it back to work, i did an oil change and enjoyed her for what she is. as the most epic estate car of all time of course... many people took one look at it and laughted at it..... untill we went for a spin :lol: and then they under stood what it was all about..... and with it having a towbar (rear chassis brace for the non believers ) it's has it use's... towbar mounted bike rack... pulling trailer's.... well i didn't want all that crap in the boot..... i've done a few bit's to it such as mud flap's from weetec. to help reduce the amount of shite up the side of the car... and some sticker's WACK11111 and what not. but i have got plan's for it though.... it has some thing to do with this.... and this... that's all for now, i might up date this once/twice a year though...
  15. Does anyone know oil capacity of a d15z8 gearbox please? Got the car booked in for a clutch change but they want an extra £25 to change the gearbox oil at the same time, just trying to work out if this is good value for money or not Thanks
  16. Here is my mb6 just recently got, At the moment it's on Koni shocks and springs, full Nortech exhaust and on 7th of may having my b18c6 fitted will upload more photos when the car is being to show you all the build Rocker cover is actually a lot darker than pictured
  17. Hello I had a little accident with a badger, so i have to replace my Front bumper. Can anyone tell me which models are similar to the MB3 so i can simply put their bumper on it? Dont know if all ma, mb & mc models have the same dimensions etc. Thanks!
  18. Hi guys, not been on here for a wee while now since I swapped my aerodeck last year. Swapped for a ej6 coupe which I had planned on putting my b18c4 into. Spent a bit of time fitting some bits and pieces and gathering parts for converting it from a d series to b. Some pics... So I fitted a ek9 grill and front lip and done a wee bit colour doing. Fitted Impreza turbo front seats (£20 bargain) wind deflectors, sunstrip,short shifter, Kode steering wheel, Rita circuits 15" et38, 300mm ep3 front brakes, 5zigen border 304 back box with custom pipe work that I done myself, new number plates, generally just cleaning it up. Was browsing the Facebook for sale pages one day and seen a b16 converted ej8 coupe, local and for much cheapness. It was needing some work but with the parts fitted to it I thought that I could combine the two cars to make one good one. It's a clean base but needs tidying. Has a purple passengers side wing, silver grill, washer bottle motor not working, bolts missing, exhaust hitting fuel tank, short shifter snapped, leaking radiator and gearbox is missing 4th lol but for £900 I think it's not bad. Has miester r coilovers, vti fan blades, aem v2, skunk2 alpha manifold, cat back exhaust with buddyclub back box, skunk2 lcas and beaks bar. Iv had it 3 weeks now and made a start swapping and fixing things. So far iv repaired exhaust manifold, made a manifold back b pipe, fitted new washer pump, Rita wheels, Impreza seats,Kode wheel, centre console, linkages and short shifter, painted wing and grill. Still need to service it and fit my 300mm brakes. Think it will be nice in the end
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